Patient escapes from hospital; old patient sent to crematorium alive


Despite strict social media censorship, there are still some pictures and messages leaked from China about bizarre incidences in the hospitals. A patient escaped from a hospital, and a son reported that his father was put into a body bag while he was still alive to make room for a younger patient!

Patient escaped from the hospital like a scene from “The Shawshank Redemption”

A hospital WeChat screenshot shows that a patient escaped by making a hole in the wall. Somehow some Chinese netizens were cheering for this escape because there have been many reports about “hell-like” conditions in the hospitals.

Here is the dialogue in a WeChat group among medical personnel:

  • One asked: “Where is the patient located at [a specific location] on the 2nd floor?”
  • “Ran away. Doctor Wang is trying to capture this patient. “
  • “We saw this patient this morning without a hole in the wall.”
  • “Broke through the wall.”

A son said that his father was put into a body bag alive to make room for another patient

Translation from a social media post (with the son’s name removed):

Fifteen minutes later, the doctor asked me to help carry my father. When I touched my father’s leg, it is still warm. I called out: “Daddy!” My dad opened his eyes and tried to talk. The doctor was horrified. He ordered me to leave loudly, and put my naked father into a body bag. I begged them to put some clothes on him but got rejected.

Later, they asked me to call the crematorium. A car came within an hour to take my naked father wrapped in two body bags away. We were not even allowed to go downstairs (to see him off). While we were getting this death certificate, a 32-year-old patient took over his hospital bed. The doctor asked us to put all my father’s stuff into a bag provided by the hospital for disposal. I followed the instruction to put the bag in a corner for proper disposal. When a doctor in charge saw my mom crying, he said that there were viruses in her tears because she tested positive for Covid-19.

Welcome to get evidence from VOG Discord group

Many brave Chinese have been sending pictures to GNews. We can only report on a small percentage of it. You are welcome to Discord to see pictures from China. There is an English chat room called “english-room” and a room for evidence called 武汉 (“Wuhan” in Chinese):

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