Sir John Key Encourages New Zealand Government to Continue Friendly Relations With CCP

Writer: Lois

The New Zealand government is entitled to an independent stance towards the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), according to former New Zealand Prime Minister Sir John Key.

Sir John was one of the many business leaders, government officials and political figures at today’s Auckland China Business Summit.

The former prime minister told iHeartRadio host Mike Hosking that the government should hold a differing view of Communist China than other Five Eyes intelligence-sharing nations.

“That’s what it is, an intelligence sharing, not a platform for peddling views on any or all other issues. I think it should be kept for security,” he stated.

Sir John said New Zealand’s best interests lie in a continually independent and consistent relationship with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

“We know that China is a massive market, we know it’s going to continue to get wealthier, we know it will become a superpower, and within that, there will be enormous opportunities for a country like New Zealand.”

It appears Sir John Key has no qualms selling the country off to a communist, criminal regime.

NewstalkZB. (May 3, 2021). Sir John Key: New Zealand allowed a different stance on China to Five Eyes.

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