[G Times] Is the swamp the controller behind the media?

Translator: Xiao Hong Mao

Proofreading: Christine

Photo: Athena Talent Design Team—Little Ants 614

  1. Can human power overcome the peaks of nature?

 ——Don’t have unrealistic illusions

Mountains have existed on the earth for hundreds of millions of years. How many winds, frost, rain, snow, and lightning strikes the mountain peaks. How long have you been on board? Do you dare to say that “human beings can defeat nature”? I think, “You are crazy.”

Human beings can never and should not conquer nature but should seek harmonious development with nature.

2. What is TIAN DAO ( the rule of all things)?

–TIAN DAO is REN DAO (The principle of being a man), the concentrated expression of all human nature.

If in all human beings, light dominates, then TIAN DAO is the light.

If in all human beings, darkness predominates, then TIAN DAO is the darkness.

3. What does TIANDAO have to do with me?

–You are a part of TIAN DAO!

If TIAN DAO were bright, when CCP massacred Hong Kong people, other countries would have swarmed and beaten them up! There would not have been a year-long massacre!

If TIAN DAO were bright, when CCP released the biochemical weapons, other countries would have swarmed to destroy them! There would not have been a year-long massacre!

4. In the era of viral war, where is the direction of the media?

–In the future, the world media landscape will probably not be dominated by one giant media such as Twitter and Facebook. Digital media and social media will proliferate and flourish, finally forming a normal media ecology with mutual checks and balances and evenly matched.

Through the virus crisis and the US election crisis, the “swamp” should be very clear about the horrible power of media, which will prompt the “swamp” to inject a lot of money into social media.

Owning a few media outlets will become the basic configuration of the “swamp”. If you don’t control one or two social media, you can’t even call yourself “swamp”.

(The article represents the views of the author only)

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