Former MI6 Chief: COVID-19 lab origins ‘far more likely’

Writer: Lois

According to Sir Richard Dearlove, the former head of MI6, COVID-19 is more likely to have originated in a lab than in an animal.

Sir Richard, who led Britain’s MI6 spy agency from 1999 to 2004, told the London Broadcasting Company (LBC) that the virus’ features suggest artificial origins. However, he added this theory might never be proven.

The former MI6 chief said further information on COVID-19’s origins is soon to come.

The current most plausible theory is that the virus leaked from a Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) lab. However, investigation into the truth behind the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing.

Sir Richard also labelled the World Health Organisation’s recent report on COVID-19’s origins as a farcical investigation. The report, written in collaboration with Beijing, dismisses the Wuhan lab leak theory as highly unlikely.

Although the former MI6 head acknowledged the animal transmission theory was possible, he believes from a scientist’s perspective it is more likely the virus was engineered.

“All right, put it like this. . .It’s a natural virus that’s been, as it were, mucked around with and the characteristics of things like the spike protein, which make it so highly infectious, also point in the direction of it being somewhat tailored,” he stated.

Sir Richard further stated intervention from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was preventing the essential publication of scientific research on the topic.

“I honestly don’t think that this issue can be resolved one way or another. I think there’s a balance of probability. Obviously, if it cannot be proven, and I don’t think it can, because the evidence that could have proved it one way or another has been destroyed, because of the extent of the Chinese clean up, said Sir Richard.

“Okay, so you can’t prove it’s zoonotic. You can’t prove it’s a lab escapee. What I’m saying is there’s a balance of probability.”

The former British spy added that forthcoming books on the matter might contribute to the lab origin theory.

LBC. May 2, 2021. ‘Far more likely’ coronavirus came from lab, ex-MI6 chief tells LBC.

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