04/30/2021 G-Translators Newsflash

News Summary:

1、The Number of Births for People with Beijing Household Registration Has Hit a Ten-Year Low

2、The Ant Group IPO Approval Process Under Investigation by the Chinese Communist Government

3、The CCP’s Investment in the Mekong River Power Plant Is a Threat to the Environment   Water Expert: This Is a Trade of People’s Souls for the Devil’s Favors

4、WHO Said That the B.1.617 Variant, First Found in India, Was Found in at Least Seventeen Other Countries 

5、Federal Reserve: CCP’s Digital Currency Strategy Won’t Work in the U.S. Quality Is More Important Than Speed

6、Wang Qishan Was put Under Close Surveillance After the Arrest of His “Right-hand man” Dong Hong

GTV Link:https://gtv.org/video/id=608f65e36c00a14130e6170d

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