[Headline News] Blinken’s Virtual Visit to Africa—Encouraging Disengagement from “The Belt and Road Initiative” of The Chinese Communist Party

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In a video conference with Nigerian President Buhari and Kenyan Foreign Minister Uhuru Muigai Kenyattata on April 27, Secretary of State Blinken cautioned Africa to be more vigilant in its dealings with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), while promising that the U.S. will increase its investment in Africa. This video conference with the leaders of Nigeria and Kenya was considered as a “virtual visit” to Africa in the context of the CCP virus Pandemic.

Blinken said he wants African countries to “keep their eyes open” when dealing with other countries. Obviously, his speech was aimed at the CCP’s neo-colonial economic plundering of Africa through disguised economic aid and the Belt and Road Initiative.

Blinken also engaged with several renewable energy ventures supported by the U.S. in Africa, as well as a newly built hospital aided by the U.S. He said, “We’re not going to force anyone to choose between the U.S. and CCP, but I encourage you to have the courage to ask questions, to demand that the other side act transparently, and to make the decision that is the best for your country with full information.”

He specifically emphasized that, when other countries come to Africa to invest in major infrastructure projects, it is critical to ask whether they are bringing their own workers or creating jobs for local African citizens. Not surprisingly, the nationals of the countries involved with CCP’s “the Belt and Road Initiative” always complain the Initiative has never increased regional employment.

Meanwhile, Blinken expressed his concerns that certain African countries end up with huge debts due to inability of repaying the money borrowed from the CCP. Zambia became the first victim during the CCP virus Pandemic. He also conveys U.S. government’s confidence toward Africa’s potential and future and promises to assist African countries in a better way.

The CCP has recently invested in infrastructure on the African continent in an attempt to seize Africa’s rich mineral and natural resources not limited to coal, oil, rare earths, metals and even fish–CCP’s full range of prey or targets. It is the wake-up call for the African countries to see through CCP’s ultimate goal of the “Initiative” — robbing, impoverishing and eventually colonizing African countries.

For the African affairs, the Biden administration has reversed the previous administration’s neglect of Africa and sought to change the U.S. passivity there. It delivers a very encouraging signal that this administration is planning its global strategy with boldness and efficiency, regrouping its world layout, and reversing the CCP’s geopolitical encroachment throughout the world for the past decade. In recent years, the CCP’s Belt and Road Initiative is on the verge of bankruptcy across the world, for instance, Australia and other countries bravely take the lead in scrapping their agreements with CCP. The U.S. has seized this opportunity to expand its influence by bailing out countries indebted by the Belt and Road Initiative, to form the anti-communist alliance with more countries to fight against CCP and destroy it, and proudly, to lead the world again.

Comments:Looking back the ruling history of CCP, not a single citizen of any nation can live a decent life under its rule. The Belt and Road Initiative is a comprehensive plan that utilizes every aspect of means to “legally” rob each person on earth of the resources they depend on for daily life. I believe that more and more countries will wake up and follow the U.S. to confront the Chinese Communist Party.

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