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The Immigration (Amendment) Bill 2020 was read and passed by the Legislative Council on April 28 and will take effect on August 1. As soon as the Bill was passed, the media, organizations, and individuals accused the Hong Kong Communist Government of restricting Hong Kong people’s freedom to enter and leave the territory, which is like “locking up” Hong Kong.

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The Bar Association has pointed out that the provisions in the Bill restrict the departure of Hong Kong residents and others from Hong Kong, clearly giving the Director of Immigration unfettered power, failing to explain the need for the power, and failing to explain the circumstances under which such an intrusive power can be exercised.

The Vice-Chairman of the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China (HKASPDMC), who is herself a barrister, Chow Hing Tung, questioned the credibility of the Ordinance. Why did the Legislative Council give the Government so much power? Why is the Ordinance written in such an expansive manner? Even though the government said it would specify in subsidiary legislation that only inbound flights would be targeted in the future, they can certainly “enact one and then another” for the subsidiary legislation that can be amended by the government at any time. She said that the Legislative Council, which is elected by the people, is responsible for supervising the empowered government. However, since the Legislative Council is already a “rubber stamp” of the government and has no role in monitoring the government, the public has no choice but to unilaterally believe the government’s “absurd” promises. “The government will be able to restrict Hong Kong people from flying, pursuing higher education, or even traveling outside the country after the passage of the law,” said Chow, “but you have no way to complain, and you won’t get any explanation.”

In spite of the government’s mischaracterization of the impact of the Bill, AFP, Bloomberg, Reuters, and many other foreign media reported today that it will potentially allow the government to restrict the Hong Kong people’s freedom to enter and leave Hong Kong and that the Bill will cause “panic about exit restrictions.”

The spokesman of the “United Front of Trade Unions Concerning the Lockout Ordinance,” formed by the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong (DAB), the Hong Kong Alliance in Support of Patriotic Democratic Movements of China (HKASPDMC), and many democratic trade unions, Mr. Tang Chee-Hwa, said he did not expect the bill to be considered in the Legislative Council. On the evening of the day the law was passed, the Front met with reporters and accused the Protection Bureau of misleading the public by publicly criticizing the groups last week, claiming that what the pro-establishment camp is doing now is like a “rubber stamp,” only stamping on a “written script.”

The convenor of the Civil Human Rights Front, Chan Ho-Hwan, said that if the government had really listened to the voices of the public, why did the state wait until today to announce that subsidiary legislation would specify that only inbound flights would be targeted? Why did it only criticize the public’s queries earlier on?

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The Security Bureau and its Director, Mr. Lee Ka Chiu, made several statements earlier to clarify that the original intent of the legislation is to enforce the Convention on International Civil Aviation, which is now used by more than 90 countries including the United States, Canada, and Australia, and to address the refugee problem. The advanced passenger information system only requires inbound flights to provide passenger information and will not affect the freedom of Hong Kong people to enter or leave Hong Kong. The Bureau condemned the civil society for “spreading rumors and confusing people.”  Li reiterated that the freedom of Hong Kong residents to travel and enter or leave the territory is protected by Article 31 of the Basic Law and that the government has ensured that all provisions are in line with the Basic Law and the Bill of Rights before introducing the bill into the Legislative Council.

In the editor’s opinion, the CCP has been trying to deceive the world under the pretext that Hong Kong is “lawful.” Most people in the world who do not know the truth are not aware of the CCP’s usual practice of “saying one thing and doing another.” For example, last year, on the issue of BNO passports, the CCP stressed that Britain should abide by the Sino-British Joint Declaration, but the CCP seems to have forgotten that when it pushed through the National Security Law the year before, it had its mouthpiece openly claim that the Sino-British Joint Declaration was an outdated legal document; Carrie Lam said that it is now because of the implementation of the National Security Law that Hong Kong has returned from chaos to stability. Has she forgotten that it was precisely because she wanted to push through the National Security Law that the people of Hong Kong demonstrated and rebelled, causing social unrest?

The fugitive offender ordinance campaign started in June 2019 and lasted for half a year. Hong Kong people did not trust the Chinese judicial system and feared being sent to the Chinese Communist Party for unfair trials.  This fear may now be realized with the passage and implementation of the National Security Law. The National Security Law will destroy Hong Kong’s previous judicial system.

In summary, as Mr. Guo Wengui said in his Whistleblower Movement in 2019, the CCP’s so-called legislative amendments and acts in Hong Kong are not only to protect its own dictatorial interests, but also to influence the universal values of the West, in an attempt to spread the evil communist poison to the world through Hong Kong, the world’s third-largest financial market, and to subvert the global order led by the United States.  All of this in order to achieve the evil purpose of its delusional communist world. When we deal with the CCP regime, we must remember the old saying, “don’t listen to what they say, instead, watch what they do.”

(The main content above is quoted from “The Stand News” and “Whistleblower Movement.”)

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