An Open Letter from a Hong Kong Protester in Exile

To Hongkongers who are in exile, about to stand trial, or still fighting on the streets (especially minors and those who have just come on age):

Coming-of-age is unlike instant noodles or microwave food. It cannot be achieved in a snap.

History tells us, no one shall rape, no one shall kill.

As it turns out, eloquent people wield words at each other.

This is the new warfare of modern times.

No one heeds their own bleeding hearts.

Please, know the wounds in your heart, love yourself.

If you know not how, ask your parents,
What they cried for when they were small.

Please allow yourself to be angry!

From: A Hongkonger in exile, born in 1997

(My favourite song: “We shall overcome”)

P.S. smoke less, drink more water, get more sleep, read no news before sleep.

Source : Stand News

Contributor: GM02

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