Chinese Communist Party Denied 8 Million People the Opportunity To Go to High School, Intended To Create a Permanent Underclass

  • Author: The-world
  • Editor: Jenny Ball

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This year, The CCP has purged the delusion of 8 million families to change their fate via the education as a climbing ladder. Many poor families have hoped that their children may get a higher degree in education and get their family out of poverty, the family status for many  generations. But now because of the shortage of specialized workers in many aspects, the CCP forcibly denies 8 million people the opportunity to go to high school.

Regarding the score ratio of the senior high school entrance examination, the ratio of recruitment in vocational high schools and ordinary high schools is also proportional to 1:1, that is, ordinary high schools and vocational high schools each account for 50% of the total candidates. Now, the system for students failed the entry exam has been completely abolished. In other words, candidates will only have one chance in the high school entrance examination. At the same time, candidates who have performed badly will lose the opportunity to go to ordinary high schools, hence lose the opportunity to go to university since they can only choose vocational schools or other schools. Therefore, the entry exam also determines the choice of whether to go to a regular high school or a vocational high school, and it will undoubtedly bring great pressure to the candidates and their parents.

In 2021, the Ministry of Education of the Communist China begins to promulgate a new policy, that the high school entrance examination will usher in a major “reform” in an all-round way. In a detailed explanation of this reform, it emphasis “to refine and improve the ideological and moral character, graduation level, physical and mental health, artistic accomplishment and social practice”.

It sounds good but every Chinese family knows that  the only thing matters is the test score. Those five aspects of personal goal are indeed very helpful for student to grow and to learn new skills. But in Chinese society under CCP’s control, there is a very popular term called “involution”, which means everything is involved in excessive competition. Thus, time, money and energy are wasted in the process. It may not be the best way to describe the current educational system in China but the CCP’s educational institutions are undoubtedly deformed, inefficient and harmful.

That’s why everyone with a little bit of common sense knows that the reform is not about improving the current educational system. It is about to increase the number of the labor force of professional workers. Every society can run into problem like demographic imbalance. It is also necessary for society to self-correct. However, forcibly depriving people of the right to go to high school is intolerable. Let us also not to forget that the CCP has run itself into demographic imbalance despite having the biggest population in the world because of its most evil policy in human history, the so called Family Planning. Obviously not being able to go to high school is not necessarily a bad thing. But it is clearly not fair. The new educational policy directly targets the low-income class once again. It will affect families that could not provide enough learning resources for their children.  It is getting harder and harder for them to climb the educational ladder. Therefore, the CCP shattered the last hope of many families.  When people lose hope, they’d rise to resist. The CCP has fallen to the point where it must self-mutilate to survive.

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