The CCP Is Indeed Devil Itself

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The CCP Is Indeed Devil Itself – From India’s Viral Surge to the Russian Bioweapon Program (Mr. Miles Guo’s Revelation 05012021)

Getter: English and Chinese Subtitles for 1997 Interview with the deputy director of former Russia’s Biological Weapon Program

GTV Link:GTV UK English Channel – Miles Guo’s Latest Revelation by Angela, Clio, Linda and TCC on May 1st

As we know that the biggest news this week was the surge of COVID-19 infections and deaths in India. For the past 7 days, there are 200,000 to a quarter million infections and 253 deaths per million people.

On April 27th, Mr. Guo revealed that about a dozen of the GTV engineers are from India and India is now full of dead bodies on the streets. Those videos from India are heart breaking. “These are our own kind—human beings!” For those without family members, the neighbours will just leave their bodies on the street and let them rotten within a short-time with India’s hot weather. In India, people just die without any dignity on the street.

Mr. Guo revealed that he has asked his Indian friends to believe Dr. Yan’s words from the beginning of the Pandemic and to take hydroxychloroquine. He warned them that the CCP has no mercy to India and they must prepare for it. “The CCP will use the most virulent variants for India!” he warned. Look at what happened now. Now, his India friends have all run away with their private jets to Europe, the US and some to Africa. Where are India’s 30,000 Gods now?

One of Mr. Guo’s India friends runs hotel chains in Malta told him that all his hotels were packed with run-away Indians. They had to pay five times more of the price for the hotel. However, among the billions of Indians, how many have private jets to run away?

India’s case matches CCP’s 13579 bioweapon program that Mr. Guo has revealed – “7” means to paralyze 7 countries, including 5 eyes alliances, Japan, and India.

During the knowledge of India’s 2nd wave situation, Mr. Guo also shared a 1977 interview with a former deputy director of USSR’s biological weapon program by the Dense Special Weapons Agency.

Colonel Ken Aivek (1950- , Kanatzhan, Kanat Alibekov) is a Kazakh-American physician, microbiologist, and biological warfare expert. He was the first deputy Director of Biopreparat, where he oversaw a vast program of biological weapon facilities. He fled from Soviet Union to the US in 1992. During his tenure, there are a dozen of bioweapon agents developed. For example, small pox, plaque, anthrax, Tularemia (rabbit fever), Glanders (a horse-infecting bacteria), and Marburg virus (an Ebola-like virus causing deadly hemorrhage complications. It is a deadly pathogen and has no cure currently).

In this 45-min interview, there are couple important messages here.

As an expert in bioweapon designer, Aivek mentioned 3 things are important in the development of a bioweapon: Delivery, Coverage, and Storage.

Aivek gave examples on “coverage”: Tularemia (rabbit fever) can be aerosolized and requires about 3-4 Kg for an area of 1000 square meters to cause 50% of population infected; Marburg virus will only need 0.5-1kg will cause the same results. With several kilogram of Marburg virus, it can destroy entire New York City in one strike.

He also revealed that Soviet Union has a dozen production facilities that can produce 100-1000 ton of these pathogens per year. Besides human pathogens, the biological weapon program can also produce several hundred tons pathogens every year to target animals and crops, e.g., Cattle plaques, African Swine flu, Agricultural to wheat, corn etc. can strike economic crops  severe disruption of food supply and economy.

Aivek used Anthrax as an example on how the program developed a bioweapon. Anthrax is a bioweapon caused panic situation in the US in 2008. When they developed the Anthrax or any of the bioweapon agent, they first develop new strains to overcome existing medical treatment (in this case the treatment is long-term Penicillin and Cephalosporin for anthrax and the next line antibiotics is Tetracycline). After the pathogen can pass the test of current treatment, they will start to add new plasmids to help to overcome second line of treatment (in this case it will add plasmid carrying TED gene to create drug resistance to Tetracycline). They will continue to develop new strain of pathogens to overcome any new drug available.

Therefore, the offensive biological weapon program is primarily developing multiple biological agents, making sure that these agents cannot be treated clinically and potentially be used in a scenario in which essentially there is no solution. It is likely that everybody will be in physical protection equipment for a period of time and/or stay away from the area.

He also mentioned that the communist countries, like Russia and the PRC, they do not care people’s lives of their own country. Lao Bai Xin under such totalitarian regimen are just tools and slaves to be used to boost their GDPs.

Aivek also talked about “Why the offensive biological weapon program remains to be an on-going threat!” There are 3 compelling reasons.

1. The determination of Soviet Union to develop such program.

To Soviet Union, the offensive weapon biological program is much more secret than the nuclear weapon program. This is motivated through an Ideology-brainwash program to their own people and have them to believe that the US and the UK are enemies and with the ability to protect our own country is an honor the participants to such Program. This sounds familiar to people living on or from mainland China.

Most importantly, he is not convinced that Russia would have this program stop. He said that Russia countries to find new opportunities and mechanisms in developing new agents and new directions for biological weapons in order to maintain the knowledge and maintain the capability. In preparation for a major war, they then can go to have full production again.

Knowing this, we will never be able to stop a bioweapon program but to take down the ideology, the system, and the communism.

2. Other countries have shown interested in developing their own programs: Aivek revealed that he has travelled to India 4 times and India is interested in developing biological weapon programs. Iraq has also a bioweapon program with several “weapons” in their “arsenal.“ We have to also watch out for underdeveloped countries. Cuba can easily use modern techniques to create 10-15 genetically altered bacteria to increase drug resistance.

3. Advances in new knowledge and biotechnologies. New technologies make genetically modified variants available, i.e., one existing pathogen can become hundreds with variants.

With all these reasons, we will never be able to produce effective therapeutic and preventive agents or strategies fast enough to overcome growing numbers of thousands of biological agents.

Just imaging, if we have a situation with dozens or hundreds biological weapons, how many vaccines we need to developed?

TCC comment:

We have seen so many long-term effects from the infection as Dr. Yan summarized in her 3rd paper (see figures) and growing number of reports of the adverse effects from the vaccines, including neurological degenerative diseases. The problem lies mainly at the genetically engineered insertion of the S-protein and its mutation variants.

As Aivek revealed that the communist countries never care about their own people. They have used the propaganda to spread the false information that the West comes to invade Russia and using people’s patriotism to have them work on the biological programs, that is, in order to protect their own countries, they have to develop such program as offensive weapons. These are common tactics used in totalitarian regimens, like PRC, where the CCP used people’s patriotism virtue through propaganda and brainwash programs, and military civilian fusion tactics to attract scientists to develop such horrible programs.

From this interview, we have also learned that there is no way we can create enough vaccines for defending the bioweapon attacks. The West has to work together to destroy all the bioweapon laboratories and production facilities, especially those in the communist countries.

After 3 million deaths by the SARS-Co-2, the India situation is indeed another disaster of mankind. It is an inferno in real life. The CCP indeed Devil itself. We must annihilate the CCP. Otherwise, we will never be able to live a peaceful life without worrying about the next attack.

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