[Headline News] War Drums Beating in Asia-Pacific, Australian Senior Officials Call for Readiness

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As tensions arise in the Asia-Pacific region, Mike Pezzullo, Home Affairs Secretary of Australia, said in his address to his subordinates on Anzac Day: “Today, as the Free Nations hear the drumbeat of war again, and watch with concern as the issues we face are militarized. It has long been seen as unlikely to be a catalyst for war until recent years. Let us continue to look for opportunities for peace and, at the same time, brace ourselves again. Bracing ourselves again for the coming of the war disaster.”

Image Source: Xinhua via AP

Serving as a highly-influential senior official of Australian government, Sec. Pezzullo added another blunt warning by pointing out that a war could break out in the Taiwan Strait. This came right after the Defense Minister Michael Dutton warned over the weekend that “the possibility of war with the Chinese Communist Party over Taiwan can not be ruled out.”

In his speech, Sec. Pezzullo also emphasized that the United States and Australia have a 70-year-long Australia-New Zealand-US military alliance, and he made it clear that “this has brought protection to Australia.”

Australia is pleased to see the upcoming Australia joint military exercises with the United States, Britain, Japan, Canada and other 17 countries, along with the Australia’s cooperation with the U.S. Navy’s deployment in the Asia-Pacific region, and the joint U.S. Navy patrol and defense in the South China Sea and The Taiwan Strait. These significant signs indicate that the situation in the South China Sea and the crisis in the Taiwan Strait is so intensified that it has made the freedom-loving democratic nations hear the drumbeat of war again. The nations from the free world must unite together in order to prevent the war before it starts, or, to vigorously fight back against the insidious and war-provoking regime – the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

As this vast net aimed to ensnare the evil CCP being reeled in day by day, we, the Lao-Bai-Xing from all over the world, aka, the deplorables are looking forward to the demise of the CCP, with our belief, determination and relentless efforts.  

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