【Lude】How do the Navy Seals Transform to Face the CCP Threat?

Video Extraction: Himalaya Taiwan – Wende
Chinese Subtitles: Himalaya LA (USA) – Yanbohaomiao
Translator:Himalaya LA (USA) – Arthur
Proofread:Himalaya LA (USA) – Yanbohaomiao
Subtitles + Video Editor:Himalaya LA (USA) – xtts

Dr. Bo:

This is to better incorporate the Navy seals to the soldiers of the navy

Dr. Guan:

911 caused the death and injury of many people. That was a major attack on the USA. But the CCP Virus, this bioweapon when compared to 911. Whether it is from the scale of death, economy damage, or attack on the US overall. As well as political impact, everything is beyond that of 911. Actually, it is even beyond that of the attack on pearl harbor. So far, the strategic transition of the US as a nation. Leads to a series of changes from strategies, including economy strategy, trades, etc.

Although they say PR China and Russia are major competitors, we all know CCP is the major rival here. Russia was used by Biden to appease CCP. He said Russians are enemies. So, he cannot eat his own words here. However, as Biden arranged meeting with Putin and a series of communications. The hostile relationship between Russia and US will be dial down, only CCP will be left here. This is the direction of the future. This transition of the Navy seals. From battle of deserts to battle on the sea, or to get capacity to deal with enemy on the sea and beneath the water. This is targeting the regions for potential conflicts like Taiwan and South China sea.

We talked about so many times, the energy war and the plans of CCP to take out the whites. Taiwan is an important exit. Also, serving the purpose of internal fights of CCP. A lot of people within the CCP want to convince Xi to attack Taiwan. Eventually, Xi is the one to be responsible for all the failure. Similar situation is also in South China Sea. Under the current situation, US military can take a very tough attitude. They said if you are going to attack Taiwan or have any conflicts in South China sea. We will fight with everything we got. Only with this attitude you can avoid the war. That is what the US is doing now.

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