The world has not yet completely woken up, patience is needed to take down the CCP

Contents of Mr. Guo’s speech:

On the other hand I’ll talk

about the current situation of the CCP termination

I must tell you the truth

that India, Japan, Australia,

UK and USA

will suffer virus deployment again and again

The time world has to pay

and wakes up has not yet come

I think in 2022

the moment after the America midterm election

it the very critical time

Brothers, we should never be naive

The CCP has been brutalizing the Chinese people for over 70 years

We thought in 1500 up to 1700 days we could take down it

That’s kind of too naive, we should be patient

The demise of the CCP will be very crisp

But no need to rush

Let’s talk about the current domestic economy of China

Minsheng Bank will collapse, Xu Jiayin will go bankrupt

Several large real estate companies will collapse

Then the state-owned banks will follow

By that time, China’s unemployment rate

will rise from 100 million in the recent two to three years

to nearly 150 million

Among the whole city,

in each city

about one of three

or one of the two will be unemployed

After the housing market and the car market go down,

who has the ability to pay back loan?

The moment financial market goes down

should the CCP really begin conquering Taiwan

and raiding Hong Kong

Without the economy collapses,

the internal political emergencies,

the virus

drawing more attention around the world,

more people losing their lifes,

and the America’s clearly understanding

that the CCP’s threat is more than an unrestricted warfare

and this is  war time,

without these things happen,

there is no way to wake up

the Jews, the Christians, and the Catholics of the world

So brothers and sisters, at this moment

we need to have an better grasp of the world situation

and make more friends

The U.S. economy is bound to collapse

The only solution

is to take down CCP

Printing more money will not solve the world’s economic problems

Global hyperinflation will come,

World will encounter from partial economic collapse to total collapse,

to the biotech world warfare

transcending WWII,

and finally to the age of crypto-digital currencies

Don’t take the easy way out at this time

The most important thing is that we expect America’s winning

Only when the United States wins will

the world be at peace

and only when the United States wins will

the CCP be eliminated as a cancer

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