The Wealth Distribution of the Communist China Is Severely Polarizing

  • Author: The-world
  • Editor: Jenny Ball

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The CCP oppresses the poor so that the poor will always have to struggle for survival.

In this way, a very small number of party elite would be able to enslave the majority. Most people are deeply caught in the dilemma of personal struggle, and of course they won’t have the energy to think why they are in such a dilemma. If they do not even have the energy to think, let alone for the poor to resist.

In the year of 2019, 600 million people in Communist China have an average monthly income around 1000 Yuan, which is $155 when converted into U.S. dollars. This figure was provided by the CCP’s Premier Li Keqiang. The media follow-up reports verified the statistical data of the prime minister’s statement. For example, according to the data of household sample survey released by the National Bureau of Statistics, the annual per capita disposable income of the 40% households with the lowest income in 2019 is 11,579 yuan, and the monthly per capita disposable income is 965 yuan. In other words, more than 40% of people in China have an average monthly disposable income of about $155. According to the graphic, in China, 39.1% of the population has a monthly income less than 1,000 yuan, which is 547 million of the total population. At the same time, the population with a monthly income of 1,000-1,090 yuan is 52.5 million. Therefore, the total population of less than 1,090 yuan is 600 million, It accounts for 42.85%  of the national population.

How many rich people are there in China? The “answer” seems even more surprising. They found that only 700,000 people have a per capita disposable income exceeding 20,000 per month. It accounts for 0.05% of the total population.

Isn’t this the “middle class” as we usually refer to? Why is the “middle class” population so small? What is going wrong?

Among the customers of the three major banks, less than 0.005 private banking customers account for about 30% of the total retail customer assets in the bank. At present, those three major banks have a total of 140,000 high-end customers and dominate as much as 3 trillion yuan’s assets.

From the data point of view, the gap between the rich and the poor is already very shocking; but I want to remind everyone: the gap between the rich and the poor reflected in the above data is still seriously underestimated. Because the 600 million people who are the poorest in the Communist China, most of them obviously have no bank deposits. Therefore, the statistics of the three large banks mentioned above cannot cover this part of the population. If you include this part of the poor population, you will find that the proportion of the rich people in the total population is even lower.

The crony capitalism established by the CCP depends on “harvesting leeks” to squeeze capital wealth. Leeks in modern Chinese language generally means “the exploited proletariat”, yet anybody who are not from those red-family who currently in power can be characterized as leeks, including Jack Ma. Leeks are more and more reluctant to have children nowadays. So in the next few generations, there will be fewer and fewer leeks that can be harvested by the CCP. By then, what will the CCP government rely on in order to maintain its huge bureaucratic system? When the economy of the CCP eventually fail, the Chinese Communist Party will perish at an extremely fast speed.

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