Can Xitler Take Control of Hainan?

Chen Guomeng, a deputy ministerial official of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, is appointed secretary of Hainan Sheng Discipline Inspection Commission.

  • Due to the intensification of the CCP’s internal fighting, Xi Jinping desperately needs to control Hainan.
  • According to Chen’s profile, he appears to be someone who was on Xi Jinping’s side and part of Xi Gang.

China’s former deputy chief of staff of the navy Song Xue, who was involved in the test flights of the J-15 fighter, is suspected of “serious violation of discipline and law” and has been disqualified from the national legislature.

Tong Daochi, formerly a senior official in South China’s Hainan province, has been expelled from the Chinese Communist Party and removed from his post for grave violations of Party discipline and laws.

  • Whether Wang Qishan is working against or with  Xi Jinping, no one really knows yet.
  • Xi was in charge of developing China’s sports sector and became the central leadership responsible for the Beijing Olympics in 2008. After 2008, he suddenly emerged as the next successor. How exactly did he come to power?
  • Now China is staging the “Romance of the Three Kingdoms.” Whether the top leaders are cooperating with each other or killing each other, the biggest sacrifice in the end will always be the grassroots officials.
  • Now Communist China is staging “Three Kingdoms”, where senior leaders cooperate or kill each other, and ultimately the unlucky ones are the grassroots officials.
  • Under the CCP system, China’s elites are forced to become members of CCP gangs and spend all their time in power struggles. As a result, no one will be involved in the development of the country.
  • Every coup in China is always about gang infighting.
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