CCP Has Former Soviet Union Military People Working for Them

In the GTV live broadcast on April 25, 2021, Mr. Miles Guo continued to disclose the CCP and PLA’s secrets: having no ability to make engines or chips, the two core military technologies, and hiring a lot of military personnels from former Soviet Union and having them and their families settled in Qingdao, Dalian, Harbin, and Sanya.

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The news that I broke two days ago, which was about the [Liaoning] aircraft carrier’s stabilizing system being paralyzed, has had a great impact in mainland China. I was asked by someone, “Why do you know so many details? They are at very high confidentiality level.” Brothers and sisters, remember – because this is very crucial – that the CCP mafia is ruling the country with falsehood, then you would know that the submarines and aircraft carriers boasted by them must be bullshit. Everyone, if you know any [CCP’s] military people in person, you would know what I mean. Say, if for every 100 meters, their tanks can go off 1 meter, what can you expect them to do well?

The military experts, scientists, and pilots from Ukraine, including many Georgian nationals who joined Ukraine from the former Soviet Union, also including some from Chechnya, and soldiers from the former Soviet Union who were suppressed by Putin, almost all of them were brought to China by the CCP. After these military people arrive, they will first sign a contract, and all family members will then move to China, to Dalian or Harbin in Northeast China. If you live in Harbin, you can go and see how many people from former Soviet Unions live there. They all serve in military industries because they don’t know anything about light industry. All these people and their families were brought here and settled in Harbin and Dalian in the Northeast China. The whole family will come over and you can’t leave anymore, and you will be paid a very good salary.

Also there is a group of people in Sanya, Hainan Province. They like that place and settle down there. Where do these people serve? Aircraft carriers and submarines. The CCP claims that it’s good at submarines, but don’t believe their brags. They are far from being good, very far! Submarines and all other naval businesses are supported by the aforementioned people. This is the so-called outsourcing, which is normal.

There are many fellow fighters who are not aware of this because they are not at this level. Oh, my allergy. So when you know about CCP’s businesses, you will understand what I mean. So it’s very shameful for them to always brag like that. Only a lot of ordinary people who have never seen the real world would enjoy listening to their brags. People like me who hang around with them all the time know that they always talk nonsense. This time their aircraft carrier came out and showed people what it really is. The aircraft carrier was paralyzed right there. Let alone go to a war with Taiwan [with the aircraft carrier], you can’t even move it to Taiwan.

So this breaking news really had a huge impact in mainland China. And this is what our Brother Lude needs to understand and what our Ph.D. Team needs to understand: Talking about aircraft carriers, you need to understand the Chinese military, and you must know the Soviet Union’s military, its army, and know the whereabouts of all the weapons and technologies from all the former Soviet Union states after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. This is the most critical thing that you need to know if you wan to understand the CCP.

Another thing now is about the chips. Dr. Bo, Ms. Ai Li, Dr. Mo, Dr. Guan, Mr. Lude and Ms. An Hong always talk about chips. Chips have been thoroughly covered and explained by them. Chips are the core. The CCP doesn’t have the ability to make chips, and doesn’t have the ability to control the source code in the English world, let alone the two core technologies in the military industry. One core technology is called engine, whether it’s in the sky or on the ground. If you [the CCP] can’t make engines yourself, you will have to buy other people’s engines, but the engines made by other people are from foreign cultures from inside out. Can you fully understand their languages? [Without your own chips,] everything is just nonsense, isn’t it?

Therefore, you have to find mercenaries so you can outsource the maintenance of engines, aircraft carriers, and submarines to them. You can hardly imagine how many so-called Russian expert bases are in Qingdao. They are called Russian expert buildings in Dalian, Harbin, and Sanya for military personnels coming from former Soviet Union where they had a hard time to survive. They came to you [the CCP] to maintain the most critical technologies for you, that is military engines. The Chinese are incapable to do it themselves, and how could they be?

The second [core technology] is communication, right? But what lies in the core of all communications is the chip. If you say you can’t make chips, how can you have secured communications? Even though you have the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (note: BeiDou means the 7 stars of Big Dipper in Chinese), can you make them work without a chip? Not even if you had a nine-star Big Dipper! If you have chips, then you can make a series of things, such as encryption, language, and security, but you can do none of these. So in the end, you still have to either steal technologies from foreign countries or find foreign experts to help you. It’s that simple! It’s that simple!

As long as the CCP can’t produce the engines that match its military power and ambition, can’t produce chips, everything it talks about will be just bullshit. You all must understand this. Just like those days when I hung around with those PLA military personnels, whenever they came back from a military exercise, they all came to my place to eat. After eating, they went out to have sex, and every single one of them would bring a young military girl with them all the time.

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