4/30/2021 Financial News: Communist China’s Three Airlines Exposed Huge Losses; U.S. Stock Investor Sues Luckin In Shanghai

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1.Three Airlines exposed another 14 billion huge loss

Affected by the epidemic, the three major aviation stocks, Air China, China Southern Airlines, and Eastern Airlines, lose an average of more than 10 billion yuan in 2020, and the total loss of the three stocks will reach 37 billion yuan. The latest total number of shareholders of the three major airlines and the Cross-border Express reached 621,500. However, this situation has not been reversed. The Hong Kong stock market’s 2021 quarterly report is still losing money.

2.US stock investor sues Luckin in Shanghai! The court officially filed the case

This is the first case of a CCP concept stock investor suing in Communist China. Luckin Coffee was established in June 2017, and it took less than two years to go to the public in May 2019. On the first day of listing, the total market value of Luckin Coffee reached 33.03 billion yuan. Luckin Coffee withdrew the hearing application and delisted in June 2020, and it was only 13 months from listing to delisting. At the time of delisting, the total market value of Luckin Coffee was only 2.254 billion yuan, a decrease of 93.18% compared to the first day of listing.

3.Over 90 million shares of Bank of Xi’an appeared in Ali law auction

The 95.11 million shares of Bank of Xi’an held by Ningbo Zhongbai have been frozen by the court and will be divided into ten equal parts for judicial auction on Taobao according to the application of the executor, Communist China Construction Fourth Bureau, that is 9.511 million shares each. At the Ali Judicial Auction, a CCP reporter searched for “bank” and found 23,426 records. According to the reporter’s preliminary statistics, more than 1,000 bank equity auctions are added each year in judicial auctions.

4.Yunnan Baiyao lost 800 million yuan in stocks in the first quarter

Yunnanbaiyao’s main holdings are Xiaomi Group, Yili, Tencent Holdings, etc. These holding companies are still relatively good companies in the entire Internet market. The main reason is that the entire capital market was in large-scale volatility in the first half of this year. In the face of rapid volatility in the capital market, these positions are actually facing huge risks. For listed companies, what is most needed is to find a group of investment employees who can understand the operation of the capital market. Only in this way can they truly obtain their own special investment logic in the capital market.

5.Prices are rising all over the world

Zhuo Chuang’s statistics show that although we still have no signs of inflation from the data, the impact of commodity price increases is already affecting the lives of residents. In 2021, materials closely related to the lives of residents will quietly increase significantly. The price of edible oil increased by 50%, the price of snacks increased by 30%, the price of beer increased by 10%, and the price of electrical appliances increased by 20%. According to media reports, on April 19, local time, the CEO of Coca-Cola Company stated that the company intends to increase product prices due to rising raw material prices. Since then, on April 21, the global daily chemical giant Procter & Gamble also joined the price increase camp, saying that it will increase the prices of baby products, adult diapers and feminine care products from September this year, by 5%-9%.

6.Communist China’s digital yuan will not topple the dollar, SEC official says

CCP’s planned digital yuan will not dethrone the dollar, a top Securities and Exchange Commission official said on Thursday, citing the growth of so-called stablecoins backed by the greenback. The world’s biggest central banks, including the People’s Bank of China and U.S. Federal Reserve, are stepping up work on issuing digital cash, eyeing improvements to payment systems and looking to pre-empt the rise of cryptocurrencies.The PBOC’s work on a digital yuan – part of a push to internationalise the currency and reduced its – is far ahead of similar initiatives in other major economies.

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