[G Times] The differences Between Neutral Media, Position Media and G Media


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1. What is neutral media?

— For example, in a domestic dispute, the father-in-law says he is right, and the mother-in-law says she is right. The media report both views of them and leave it to the readers to judge who is right. It is called neutral media.

In the real world, the so-called neutral media do not exist. It is impossible to be neutral for a press to survive only by receive advertising fee and consume discourse power.

The so-called “neutrality” is nothing but a delusion to lull the public.

2. What is position media?

–For example, in a domestic dispute, and the father-in-law says he is right, the mother-in-law says she is right. But the media only report the view of the father-in-law and not mention the view of the mother-in-law or took the mother-in-law’s words out of context, thus giving readers the impression that the father-in-law is justified and the mother-in-law is not. It is called position media.

In the real world, almost all mainstream media are position media. Why? This is because being in the media is very expensive! Why should people waste their own money to speak for someone who is not related to them? It is the result of the integration of “capital and media”.

3. What is G media (Gnews, G-TV)?

–For example, in a domestic dispute,  the father-in-law says he is right, while the mother-in-law says she is right. We report both views and verify them under the mirror of “universal values”, we guide readers to defend universal values and protect conscience and justice. Its purpose: to deliver trustworthy information and defend universal values.

In the real world, this kind of media is a scarce resource, commonly known as “conscience media”. When justice, courage, and conscience gradually become scarce resources, it also indicates that human civilization has reached the edge of a precipice.

(The content of the article represents the author’s personal opinion)

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