One Thing Is Clear: Russia Has Never Once Been a Friend of Communist China

Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) Director-General Mike Burgess has warned a terrorist attack in Australia remains in the next 12 months from likely either right-wing or Islamic extremists, according to Australian media outlets.

  • Mr. Lu De raises a question of why right-wing or Islamic extremists would attack Australia. Wouldn’t an attack on the country such as the United States or the United Kingdom have a greater impact? As Secretary Blinken said earlier that the terrorism threat has moved from Afghanistan to another place, and the U.S. should now deal with the most important things, such as the relationship with Communist China and Covid. Therefore, he figures ASIO may also refer to Communist China’s bioterrorism.

Indian PM Narendra Modi, in a tweet, thanked Russian President Vladimir Putin for his support to Indian in times of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus crisis. And he added that both the countries have agreed to establish a 2+2 ministerial dialogue between foreign and defence ministers.

  • Cooperation between Russia and India will surely scare the hell out of the CCP.
  • As the CCP has employed many Russian experts and professionals in China, Russian intelligence agencies can obtain any information they want about China and the CCP.

According to Wall Street Journal, Jack Ma received support from  Xi Jinping’s close associate Li Qiang to win speedy approvals for his Ant Group’s stock listing in Shanghai last year.

  • Under the current system of the CCP, there must be no senior CCP official who is not corrupt.  So, Li Qiang and Jiang’s Shanghai clique must have made some deals in private.
  • Xi Jinping will probably remove Li Qiang from his current role as secretary of the Shanghai Municipal Party Committee, which may force him to join the Shanghai clique. It appears that Xi’s friends are now fewer and less reliable.
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