[April 28, 2021] Miles Guo’s Getter (2nd)

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[April 28, 2021] Video translation

I am recording the second Getter. With regards to the domestic economy, do you notice China’s current economic situation? All the embarrassing facts about Minsheng Bank will be revealed, causing the Minsheng Bank to blow up. Xu Jiayin (a Chinese billionaire businessman and chairman of Evergrande Group) and his large real estate companies will all explode. These companies will be propped up for 2 to 3 years like HNA and then go bust. After that, you will see the state-owned banks crash. 

By that time, the number of unemployed Chinese will rise from 100 million in the past two or three years, to nearly 150 million. In each city, about 1 out of 3 or 1 out of 2 people will be jobless. At that point, the CCP’s economy will experience swindling, cheating, abduction, deception, theft, which will then escalate to swindling, cheating, abduction, deception, theft, robbery, and finally to swindling, cheating, abduction, deception, theft, robbery, and arson. 

At that time the CCP will participate. That’s for sure. When the housing market collapses and the auto market collapses, who will repay the loans? As a result, the financial market will collapse. This is the time that the CCP may want to attack Taiwan and steal the wealth of Hong Kong. The CCP claims that “the Chinese people don’t fight fellow Chinese,” but it’s okay to attack Taiwan because Taiwanese are not Chinese, right? The CCP regime will “never take 1 cent in Hong Kong”, but it will take your life. After all, when you die, the CCP can finally take all your money, right? 

The CCP tells the whole world that the Chinese will never export revolution and will never occupy another country’s land. But in the end, the CCP will find ways to steal, burn, kill and plunder. Only then will the world wake up.

Just like cowardly Japan, now the world knows that: “only by fighting the CCP to the death do we have a chance of survival.” The United States will know: “if we don’t take down the CCP, the CCP will destroy us.” Europe and NATO will know: “the reality is that the CCP not only wants to destroy the United States, but also wants to exterminate the white people, and even make us perish.” Then Europe will join the fight. Australia will find out that just yelling at the CCP is not enough. The Aussies initially thought that they would get some iron trade deals by shouting at the CCP a bit. Later they discovered that they had to crack down on the CCP. Eventually, Australia will join the fight. Not to mention the United Kingdom. The British idiots only know how to follow the United States.

How can the world not develop consensus against the CCP? Only if the economy does not collapse, only if there are no emergencies in internal politics, only if the virus does not attract more attention worldwide, and if more people don’t die from it, and if the world does not wake up and ask the CCP for an antidote, and if the United States does not clearly realize that the CCP’s threat to the US is unrestricted warfare. However, the reality is, the US is already at war. Without all these threats happening, the Jewish people of the world cannot be awakened. After all, the Jews control 90% of the American media. Nor can the Christians be awakened. After all, the 2.8 billion Christians around the world are the most important foundation of civilization and humanity. 

Without recognizing these religions and races, for example, Jews realize that it is the CCP that is behind Iran. The CCP is the actual troublemaker, including causing problems to Israel. The 29 countries in the Middle East, who are allied with the CCP, their GDP is about 5 trillion US dollars in total. Equal to the British economy. It is nothing. Their total GDP is the same as Japan’s. It is meaningless. So, in the end, they will wake up.

As a result, the Chinese people will find out that we have no friends in the world, and we will be treated as the former Soviet Union. The whole world hoped for the worst for the Soviet Union. They all cursed this country. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the world was thrilled. That’s because the Soviet Union did so many bad things in its history, and it had never done anything respectable. The Soviet Union was one of the chief culprits in World War II, along with Hitler. The Soviets attacked Poland. After the occupation of Germany, they raped 1 or 2 million German women, ravaged, and killed many German women and children. All done by them.

Oh, I’m very allergic to flowers. I feel bad when the flowers bloom. I’m very sorry.

So, brothers and sisters, what does the world need at this moment? We need to grasp the gravity of the global situation and make more friends. The US economy is bound to collapse. Will the European economy do well when the US economy collapses? That is impossible. Can the Japanese economy improve? It is also impossible. 

The United States is the world’s largest consumer economy, a producer of 60% of the world’s high-tech products, and a country that owns 80% of the world’s high-tech patents, with military power, and with huge expenditures every year. What if its economy collapses? The US must then find ways to distract from all its problems. Only one target deserves the blame: the Chinese Communist Party. The United States will realize that the core reason for its economic collapse is the CCP. The CCP may not be 100% liable, but at least 40%. The US’ own internal problems account for more than 50% of the cause. But the only reasonable course to solve these problems is to take down the CCP.

Human beings are all selfish. When they realize that there is only one way to solve their problems, they will no longer ask whether it is justified or not, or whether it is right or wrong. They will definitely go after their target. That target is the CCP. 

Therefore, brothers and sisters, before this can happen, many things can happen. Including the possible outbreak of the virus in the US again – although we hope this won’t happen – another pandemic like in India at this moment. Following the CCP’s repeated release of the virus in Australia and Japan, the world will demand an antidote. The world economy cannot solve hyperinflation by printing money. The global economy will first see a partial collapse, then a total collapse. We will transition from the post-World War II era to a third World War, which will be characterized by unrestricted warfare, which I am calling the world biotechnology war. This will usher in an era of encrypted digital currency. 

We have participated in this process, which is great but dangerous. We must be very clear in our minds. Remember not to be tempted. Let’s not take easy shots. More importantly, we must hope that the United States will win. Only when the US wins will the world be at peace. Only when the US wins can this CCP cancer be eliminated. It’s that simple.

What are you barking at, Snow?

This allergy is uncomfortable, sorry. So, brothers and sisters, you can see that this is really a crucial moment. Let’s take a good look at history. Three and four years ago, that was 1500 days ago. No one said that the CCP should be taken down. At that time, the CCP was running wild all over the world, “buy, buy, buy” and “do it, do it, do it.” The CCP wanted to govern the world.

Today, 1500 days later, what does the CCP look like now? We hope to annihilate the CCP within 1700 to 2000 days. Let’s compare 2000 days to the past 300 years of Chinese history. Think about the poverty and danger that our Chinese nation suffered, kneeling on the ground for nearly 300 years (100,000 days) as well as living as slaves and pigs in the past 70 years. We have weakened the CCP to such an extent in merely 1500 days, and we may eliminate the CCP in 2000 days. Why is everybody worried?

Yesterday, suddenly an unknown individual paid 100 million US dollars to buy our Himalaya dollars.  From yesterday to this morning, I have heard from them (this is what I heard, not a dream) that there are already over a billion dollars ready to buy Himalaya dollars. Isn’t this the best sign? 

Why? Why, brothers and sisters? Because in the final days of this world, because of fear, everyone’s first thought is where do I put my money? The second consideration is where do my children go? There is nowhere to go, only to the New Federal State of China, only to the Himalaya series, right? You all have seen the greatness of our entire era. Just like I once said about Bitcoin. Bitcoin will disappear, and it may even… (to be continued)

Video text contributor: Himalaya Italy Da Vinci Farm (TING GUO)

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