What Impact Has the CCP Virus Pandemic Done to the Mental Health?

  • Author: Jenny Ball
  • Editor: Ranting

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It’s been nearly one and half the year since the outbreak of the CCP virus worldwide. It not only crushed the economy of the world, also the collateral damages are surfaced every day in the unbearable extend, especially the mental impact is no less than those infected with a virus, also in much more numbers.

Since mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being, let’s briefly see how the CCP virus pandemic has affected each of these aspects.

Instead of seeking the origin of the virus, each government virtually adopted the totalitarian CCP’s model with the lockdown, closedown and other strict restrictions. People have been restrained from basic emotional expressions, such as hug, even stay close to each other or see the faces of your families and friends. And such isolation has been lasted for more than a year.

The shutdown closedown forced many business to shut down and closed, forced lots of people out of job. The middle class as the foundation of the society stability has left in starvation while the poor were driven to desperation.

When the basic emotional outlets were banned due to horror for such long and the survival now became the cause of depression, no doubt it would cause a negative impact psychologically, not only to the adults, but also to the young people and children, as they are still at learning stage. The physical interaction has been proved to be the most important way for children to learn. Recently survey found that the rate of suicides and suicidal behaviors of young people soared alarmingly.

Since the mainstream media and social media has been covering up the truth of the virus and has silenced the voice of the scientists and doctors, who tried to inform the world the origin and the remedy of virus, such as HCQ, people couldn’t see the way out and are no more sure what the future would be. Lost hope is to lose the meaning to live as hope is about having something to look forward to and believing good things can still happen. The Whistleblower Movement is the hope for the world as it has been exposing the true nature of the Chinese Communist Party for last four years. When Miles Guo, the founder of the Movement said in the press conference 4 years ago: the darkness is to come over the West and the world. Not many could foresee the darkness could be such a catastrophe that it not only physically ended the lives of millions, also mentally destroyed generations as the trauma will haunt us for the rest of life.

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