Liaoning Aircraft Carrier’s Stabilizing System Is Paralyzed; CCP “Rents” Russian Pilots Hourly

In the GTV live broadcast on April 23, 2021, Mr. Miles Guo broke the news that the CCP’s Liaoning aircraft carrier’s stabilizing system was paralyzed by Americans easily by using a simple technique of electronic war. He also disclosed that the PLA rented airplanes and pilots from Russia and paid them hourly to fly on the Liaoning aircraft carrier.

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Do you know what happened to the [Liaoning] aircraft carrier in the past two days? Our PhD Team of Lude Media can only interpret news, but they have no first-hand intelligence, right? I take responsibility for what I am going to tell you today. What happened to the aircraft carrier? Do you know what happened to its aircraft carrier? Everyone, listen. 

(Miles reads the answers guessed by the viewers on GTV) Water leaks (not that bad), the boiler bursts, someone defects and gets killed, submarine, (unfounded guess is not allowed), the engine is broken, toilet bursts, cracks, motor, electronic system failure, oil pump broken, electronic war, no navigation, power failure, control system is hacked, the ship is to be dragged back, bombed. All wrong!

Dr. Bo knows the answer. The most important thing on a US aircraft carrier is the stabilizing system. The US’s stabilizing system is the best in the world. The core technologies of an aircraft carrier are the aircraft catapult, including the EMALS and steam catapult, the stabilizing system, and of course the power and weapons. Without these three things, your aircraft can’t leave the carrier even if it can get on the carrier. If your stabilizing system is not working, your whole ship will be over. Don’t focus on how big an aircraft carrier is because in the ocean, it’s just like a leaf and can be finished at any moment.

The so-called aircraft carriers built by Russia and Ukraine use an ancient mechanical stabilizer. What modern yachts and military vessels use is the Zero Speed stabilizer, which stabilizes the vessel when it is still. The stabilizing system is so critical when the ship is moving. It’s so pathetic for the so-called Liaoning aircraft carrier of the CCP, which was put together with parts got from all over the places. You guys really don’t know where all the pilots on the ship came from. Do you know where the pilots came from?

Let me tell you. The Americans were shocked when they found that the J-15s and J-15Bs, which flied around pretty well, were actually from Russia and the pilots were also from Russia. You just can’t imagine how terribly the CCP has faked everything. In the end, their stabilizing system – you know, the stabilizing system is very basic, like a car’s wheels, when the wheels are turning, they need to be stable; if they lose stability, the car will turn over, right? So, in the end, the stabilizer on their aircraft carrier exploded, finished. You know the aircraft carrier doesn’t just have one stabilizer, rather it has a stabilizing system, and it was this system that exploded. The Americans were shocked, and so were the Japanese, to find out that the CCP hired Russian pilots on the carrier and paid them hourly.

Brothers and sisters, today the [Liaoning] aircraft carrier’s pilots were all Russians, and the stabilizing system was destroyed by Americans, right in front of their eyes. The stabilizing system has two most crucial systems, and the core is the conduction system, which is just like the signal of a cell phone: when there is no signal, the cell phone will be useless. What the Americans used is the simplest method in an electronic war – destroying the conduction system in the aircraft carrier from inside, not the communication system. What they directly destroyed was the conduction system.

The Japanese watched the Americans while the Americans were doing this. It just took the time of a breath, and then “puff”, the light goes out. It’s as simple as one turning off the light. And it’s also like magic: someone next to you turns off your light, and then you can’t move anymore. The Japanese were just there watching. The soldiers [of the PLA], who always called the Japanese the Japanese imperialists and always boasted that they could tear up the Japanese with their bear hands, were all shocked to death. You know that something serious will happen to the ship when you can’t launch or land a plane.

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