【Video】The CCP enslaves the Chinese deplorables, where can the people redress their grievances?

Script: 杰西,Summer
Video: 文治 Audio:杰西
Edit:Mi John, Summer

An old man was shouting through a loudspeaker in a street in Shanghai: “Take down the corrupted officials, and avenge the people! The darkness prevails, you oppress the people, you bully the people! The people are wronged… we are so wronged!”

He had a big word of “aggrieved” attached to his shirt, “… Robbers,  Petitioner Abuse, Gangsters!”

“you owe all kinds of debts to the people, you owe the very bad debts!  You rob our wealth, rob our houses, aggrieved… Darkness is in the way, what kind of world is it?  I am wronged!”

“You lie, you only oppress the people at the bottom, we are wronged! “

Some woman asked, “Where are you from?” “Shanghai Zhabei District”

Some men came to stop the old man and he tried to avoid being pushed.

The woman said “we have similar situation”! The Housing Authority of Shanghai Zhabei District!

“Shanghai Zhabei District is a gangster!  You oppress the people and rob the people’s private houses! “

You swallowed and robbed the houses left behind by our ancestors! You bandits, you bandits …”


To what extent would an old man be forced to step out to the street and call for grievances? His apartment was snatched by the government.  The CCP government robbed its people of their property rights and survival rights at will.  

The old man in the video is one of the residents in Shanghai,and one of the thousands of wronged residents with such a situation.  Although he is crystal clear about who took his apartment and has the courage to tell, however, he had no place to sue or appeal, because the court is also controlled by the Communist Party of China.  

In this CCP controlled totalitarian system. The laws are usually set by a few people at the highest level. The people are at the mercy of the CCP like puppets under the so-called laws. 

The 1.4 billion Chinese people in China have neither the right of private property nor the voting right.  Even when they face injustice, they have nowhere to voice their demand.  All they have is the pity for each other! 

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14 days ago

The people are at the mercy of the CCP like puppets under the so-called laws.

15 days ago


15 days ago

一切已经开始,Take down the CCP !!!   


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