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Hello fellow fighters, it is April 26th today. Or is it the 27th? I don’t even remember what date it is.

In a country of 1.4 billion people and the past 80 or 90 years, how many entertainers, artists, and intellectuals are there in China? In a country with this population there was never an Oscar winner dead or alive, zero. We had one Nobel Prize winner, but he dares not speak now. He is my fellow countryman from Shandong. I always forget his name (Mo Yan, winner of Nobel Prize in Literature 2012). I am uncultured, right? 

Now, Zhao Ting, from the generation born in the ’80s, a Chinese director, won an Oscar. But did you notice? As soon as she won the Oscar, she was accused of being a China-insulter. As soon as the first Chinese person in history won the Nobel Prize, they were accused of being disloyal to the CCP.  Did you notice this? Zhao Ting made this movie “Nomadland.” Everybody should take a good look at this movie. Fathers and mothers in China could learn the most from this movie. 

How can Zhao Ting’s parents raise such a child? What is the most popular phrase of the Chinese people? To wish your children a bright future. To wish that your son will turn out to be a dragon, and that your daughter turns into a phoenix. What does it mean to have such high expectations of your children? Because the parents can’t accomplish these goals they wish to see their children succeed in life the way they are unable to. You push your children abnormally towards success. You claim that it is for the children’s own good. Actually, you pin your own unrealistic fantasy on your children. The result is you put unreasonable pressure on your children to succeed at school.

That was my wild guess because one of my children was a classmate with Zhao Ting.  Zhao Ting’s life is very simple and real. Most importantly she has an aristocratic temperament, that is, she has courage. A courageous child can’t have been raised by parents who pushed their child to become a dragon or a phoenix. If Zhao Ting had obeyed her parents and grown up the same way as her parents, she would not have been where she is today. She could not have made the movie “Nomadland.” It’s really that simple.

Everyone has his/her own unique experience and thoughts, as well as different physical environment. Only through individualization can someone develop their personal traits. Only individualization and personalization can unlock latent talents and allow you to live a unique life that, in turn, can shape your personality.

What does the CCP’s education in China consist of? Brainwashing education, or standardized education. Just like in the past, you can only wear a blue or a green military style uniform. In a very inhuman way, you are only allowed to have two colors when you wear clothes, and there is only one standard in education. They teach you that the CCP is dearer to you than your parents, and they teach you to kill the Buddhist, kill the Muslim, kill the Christian, kill the Catholics, etc. Oh, come on, CCP, what qualifications do you have to educate our children?

So, brothers and sisters, parents all over the world have to think about how to educate their children. I have never told my two children that they have to do better than their father. Why do they have to be better than me?  But my children are better than me in every aspect. I see that they are better than me in every aspect. Right? They are taller than me, in better physical condition. Both of them are absolutely right-minded and have their own hobbies. 

My daughter is always annoyed when she hears about luxury goods. I just bought her a pair of shoes that cost a few hundred dollars. She was upset with me. “Don’t buy me these shoes, I’m annoyed. I can buy shoes myself.” My son also has many hobbies of his own. Right? The best thing about my two children is that they are not in politics or in business. My children do not hang out with politicians or businesspeople. This is their life. 

Too many Chinese people use children as tools for making a living. Parents often hope their children will become dragons or phoenixes, in order to realize the dream that was impossible for them to achieve. Some parents have even more perverted objectives: to make their own children their hope and tools to overcome their feelings of failure, in order to remedy their own lack of achievement. They tell the kids at every turn about “other people, other people.” Oh my god, “other people” is the phrase I hate the most. Everybody is different. Why should I look at others, right? You failed in life and therefore you need to vent your frustrations, so you use your children to unburden yourself?

All parents in China should take a look at Zhao Ting and then look at the artists and directors of China in recent years. If I were those directors, I would definitely soil myself, then take this poop and press it to my face. Put it on my head. I would take a pee and drink it myself. It can be said that there are thousands of directors and artists in China who can reach her technical level. Neither Zhao Ting’s filmmaking nor her technique is the best, but she has a diamond-like heart that no one else has. She is a human. She has courage and guts. She expressed her own thoughts on the questions of “why do people live” and “how should people live?”.

How many “big” Chinese directors and entrepreneurs are there who can easily spend hundreds of millions or billions, who keep mistresses (lovers) and ducks (male prostitutes), who are perverts and drug addicts, etc.? We are supposed to think that they are more special than Zhao Ting, but no one will remember these people. You are just entertainers, or also known as entertainers’ garbage.

Look at our athletes Mr. Hao Haidong and Ms. Ye Zhaoying, our scientist Dr. Yan Limeng, our STEM guys Mr. Lude and the PhD Team. They live differently because they are screaming for human civilization and for humanity. What matters is not how much money they have earned and how many lovers they have kept in their lives, but what do they bring to the earth and mankind by living in this world? Nobody’s life will surpass 36,000 days. In 36,000 days, everyone burns out. But Zhao Ting’s parents are the most successful parents. After billions of Chinese have experienced life and death, Zhao Ting has opened a new standard for intellectuals, artists, and directors to the world.

I don’t believe that those directors and actors can sleep forever in bed. Can you sleep yourself to death? Can your sleep bring you gold or a golden doll? Those who engage in sex culture, can these activities create value and make you happy? Some people just say a few make-believe words to get money. 

Now Zhao Ting is rising. She used to be praised as the pride of China, but now they say that she insults China. How many directors in China have the chance to become Zhao Ting? In the end, they choose darkness, money and evil forces. Not only did they choose the darkness, but they wished for the darkness and decorated the darkness to help the dark ones destroy the Chinese people. Humans will punish you, and God will judge you. Always remember this.

Brothers and sisters, this is a moment worth cherishing by us Chinese. Everybody should be grateful and honored. When the CCP released the virus into the world, when the whole world regarded Asians as a disaster, when the CCP shifted the responsibility for a world pandemic to the Chinese people, it was the NFSC that announced: “the CCP does not equal the Chinese people. The CCP does not represent China. The CCP does not represent the Chinese people.” 

The appearance of Zhao Ting saved many Chinese and many Asians. She won honors and safety for Asians. No matter who she is, we are grateful to her. Zhao Ting’s parents raised such a good child, and Zhao Ting is a good daughter of China. Although we cannot be as great as you, we are Chinese and we will speak out for our fellow countrymen, for conscience and humanity, just like you did. Today, we should speak out for this great Chinese compatriot Zhao Ting, a big shout-out to her. We should spread Zhao Ting’s movie and her spirit under any circumstances. She is so wonderful.

Thank you, brothers and sisters.

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