American Media Is Money Launder and Only Works for Money – A Beacon of Freedom Has Gone Dark

In his GTV live broadcast on April 19, 2021, Mr. Miles Guo revealed how media institutions in the US laundered money and helped Wall Street to steal money from ordinary people. He said that America had turned from a real beacon of freedom to a beacon of darkness.

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What does the media do in the United States? It launders money. Please check how many media in the past owed more than tens of billions of dollars in debt. The financial institutes threw their trash into these media, and then claimed bankruptcy and started it over again. The same bunch of people moved from one media institution to another under a different name. Whatever they do with those mergers and acquisitions, the ultimate goal is to throw the garbage stocks of the fund into the media institutions and to lay off employees. By this means, they can kick out the disobedient ones and keep only those who listen to them.    

For all media, including newspapers, television, and all other institutions, remember that whenever there is a merger and acquisition, it is actually the time to lay off employees. Following that, bad assets will be thrown into this media institution, and then it will be closed down, and people will go to another institution. Then, the same circle will be started over. It is always like this. During that process, the core function of media has never changed, that is to use money to realize one’s will so that the world can hear what they have to say. What do they want people to hear? The media says what the financial sector wants them to say and to do the prep work for the latter to get the money from the ordinary investors’ pocket. They call it advertising media or advertising news. So this is what it means by advertising news.           

When all the media’s board members sit together, three types of people are the most powerful. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is the real boss, which is on behalf of the government, decides what you can do and what you can’t do, and decides whether to issue the license to you or not. No matter it is TV or other media, if they don’t give you license, you will be dead, right? The second type of powerful people are advertisement agents, who make decisions about your ads. The third type is the management people, who are dispatched by those magnates. Only these three types of people are powerful.

When meetings like this were held in the past, people from TV networks sat the furthest away from the center. They were nobodies among meeting attendants. People from the top twenty to thirty newspapers sat at the same table, and they made decisions about how much to charge for the advertisement and the cost of printing. People from TV networks were not among them. They have a saying called “America’s Tomorrow”, which means setting up the rules – by those rogues! Now there is one more table called social media. Where is the social media table situated during the meeting? In the center of the room, and there have never been more than 11 people sitting there. This is a figure determined by Jewish people. There have never been 13 people. Either 11 or 17 people sitting at the table, but never 13.   

Zuckerberg, Jack from Twitter, and Eric Smith from Google, representing the social media sector, sat in the middle. Next to them were the FCC. Then it was the table for people from TV networks with no more than 10 people, probably around 9 to 11 people. After that was the table, which was far away from the center, for newspapers such as New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Washington Post. Who own these companies? Murdoch owns Wall Street Journal, Murdoch owns Daily Mail, and Murdoch owns New York Post. Washington Post is owned by Bezos and Warren Buffett. Where do you think you can find them? Time Warner, CNN, and Murdoch’s Fox, so where can you find those people? Not many people actually. Hence, these tables become smaller and smaller, rather than bigger.    

Therefore, brothers and sisters, you should realize that the U.S. has never been changed when you see these media games. The so-called media is consist of only these three tables. The table of newspapers which was ranked No. 1 in the past was replaced by the table of social media, and then the table of TV is ranked No. 2 now, leaving the newspaper No. 3. However, the real bosses, the five major families, have never shown up at these tables. They ARE the Wall Street, and the Wall Street IS the media. They define what the American values should be and what the price should be for everything in the economy, and determine even who can stay in the White House, which has been shown to you all by President Trump this time.

I said those things a year ago, but you thought I was talking nonsense. Now, everyone realizes that American media has the ability to announce who is the President of the United States. Moreover, you cannot even correct it back. Brothers and sisters, where does the core value of the United States lie in? It used to lie in the local media in each state such as TV stations and newspapers. But now they have all been defeated by social media. The states have completely lost the control of their media. What is even worse is that the voices of your state cannot even be heard. This is because social media has unified and standardized the information, and controlled your information from every angle. Humanity has reached an unprecedented situation. What was the most beautiful time of the beacon of the freedom – America? Before 1920, it was called the beacon of the freedom. After 1920, it became the beacon of the money. Now, what has the beacon of the freedom become? Today, the U.S. is extremely… let me take it back because I don’t want to be called a racist.       

Very few people are controlling the economy, politics, and military in the US, just like 1% of the population controls 99% of the wealth. Taking the Bitcoin and Dogecoin as an example, you have never asked who is the one that has the final say in them. Do you know 1.8% of the people control 94% of Bitcoins? In this situation, do you have any influence in the price? If you think you do, you will be such an idiot. Also, 70% to 80% of the Dogecoin is under the control of 1% of the people. Let alone the Huobi, 90% of which is controlled by a handful of people. This is why the United States has changed from the real beacon of freedom to beacon of economy to today’s beacon of darkness. The first symptom of darkness is shown in the media. A more specific example was last year’s Presidential Election.

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18 days ago

Great analysis, frontline reporting exposes social media rise and what that means. Brother 7 was trying to bring this issue forward now it’s clear


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