Highlights of Mr. Miles Guo’s Live Broadcast on April 27, 2021


Seoul Himalaya Snow

Rome DaVinci Himalaya Shuizhuyu

MOS Himalaya Dolores

Editor: MOS Himalaya GForever

Translator: MOS Himalaya Dolores

1.  Himalaya Coin(H-Coin) has applied for patents in over 100 countries around the world and is the highest level of security ever, officially launched on April 21. Fellow Fighters have already started to do the KYC, let’s see the sensational effect of H-Coin when it is listed, it is the only Chinese cryptocurrency that makes westerners believe that it is a cryptocurrency without communists, an absolutely safe and law-abiding currency. The official website is very beautifully designed and very stable online service, the only drawback is that there are too many emails received, because it is the highest level so it can be a bit problematic, but it will be solved immediately. The significance and encryption ability of the H-Coin and future payment system, as well as the future exchange with the US dollars, can definitely be history-making. The Chinese Communist Party’s DCEP is total nonsense and totally incomparable with ours. We are the only financial platform with stabilized coins, fluctuated and modernized crypto in a civilized society guaranteed by the laws with tremendous significance. On April 21, it was launched and already has financial licenses from five countries, and the US payment system was approved. Let the bullets fly for a while and make the China Communist Party cost more and suffer more.

2. Many things have happened recently. I once asked a fellow fighter: What do you think is the biggest difficulty in exterminating the China Communist Party? He said: the people’s minds are not enlightened. I said you are totally wrong, because we, Chinese are called a flock of sheep, the head of the sheep is the CCP, and the sheep are very stupid to ignore the good or the bad leader, the wolf is fighting collectively, and the lonely wolf is not afraid of death even when it meets the lion. This is the spirit that Chinese people are lack of, after being educated by the CCP for decades. Chinese people are not sheep, they have both the kindness of sheep and the teamwork, courage, wisdom, dedication of wolves. It is precisely the Communism that has turned Chinese people into neither wolves nor sheep, and they have lost themselves. The liars of the Westworld say that Chinese people do not deserve democracy, they are a bunch of garbage, because he simply does not have the ability and confidence to save Chinese people. The CCP shears your wool and thinks you are nothing. The H-Coin, H-Dollar, H-Reserve will give you the answer. Hong Kong is a great example for Chinese people, they are neither sheep nor wolves, and anyone who puts himself to depreciate the Chinese nation is a big loser. The White Paper of Himalaya Coin is the best one in the world, and the H-Coin, H-Dollar, H-Reserve will change the financial system, the CCP failed to do it, but we did it.

3. We have some engineers from India. We can see that India is very miserable now, a person quickly becomes rotten meat and even dogs don’t want to smell it. There are more than 30,000 gods in India, but where is God? Those who do not believe in Dr. Yan and the Lude Media will definitely pay a huge price. I have said that the China Communist Party will definitely put a severe virus to India, and it is a new type of virus. India is full of dead people on the streets, the rich ones all have run to the western world, India is a hell on earth now, do you think the CCP can still exist? The evil CCP is to make you disappear in silence and be grateful to him.

4.  After the last live broadcast, how many European countries are coping with the China Communist Party. The CCP has threatened Europe and Japan in various ways, and there are also corruptions between the CCP and Russia in other than political collusion.

5.Since the Whistleblower Movement, how much money from CCP has transferred into overseas, Evergrande’s financial banknotes are reaching 30% of interest rate, making fraudulent loans, shorting the stock market, including the deepest things inside the finance, this kind of interest can’t even be afforded by a country. He will definitely explode, for the time being there are always the old bastards in Zhongnanhai to protect him, the same for the Minsheng Bank, but their explosion will ruin our compatriots, I don’t want that. When these people explode, the CCP will be half dead and the people’s houses and cars will be reduced to nothing. Europe has changed a lot in the last 30 hours, they are angry, and they all want to make the CCP accountable. Europe has gotten its comeuppance for its collusion with the CCP over the last few decades and is challenging their security and bottom line of human beings and plundering the resources of the Europeans. Japan feels threatened by the CCP, Australia’s infiltration and threat is deadly, and the Middle East will be victimized as well. Americans are waking up and will definitely fight back on the side of justice to protect their interests. Hollywood, Wall Street, Silicon Valley and Washington DC. are waking up.

6. I wish everyone who is watching the live broadcast would know: First, the Communist economy will definitely collapse, and everyone must not become a sacrificial lamb! Second, the Communist Party will definitely go even crazier before its demise, fighting Taiwan, suppressing Hong Kong, and internal oppression, so don’t let your children become a martyrdom.

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