【In-depth report】Speaking of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus vaccine can induce herpes zoster

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A study at Tel Aviv University in Israel found that up to 1.2% of rheumatism patients who received the vaccine against the CCP virus developed shingles within two weeks.

The study, published in Rheumatology, looked at 491 patients with rheumatic disease. Six of them developed shingles 3 to 14 days after the first or second dose of the vaccine, while none of the 99 patients in the control group who did not receive the vaccine developed the disease.

Rheumatic diseases are a group of diseases associated with disorders of the immune system that affect the joints, muscles, blood vessels, associated soft tissues, and connective tissues of the body, and most of them are autoimmune diseases. They are treated with immunosuppressive agents or immunomodulators. For example, all six cases of shingles in this study were treated with these agents, including glucocorticoids (e.g., prednisone, prednisone), tofacitinib, hydroxychloroquine, and aspirin.

It should be noted that all patients with rheumatic diseases were classified as “immunosuppressed patients” in the clinical study conducted by the CCP virus vaccine manufacturer 【Note: immunosuppression refers to the suppression of the immune response, such as organ transplants and autoimmune diseases treated with immunosuppressive drugs to suppress the immune system’s attack on their own tissues and organs 】, The small Israeli study with less than 500 samples was a groundbreaking study on the safety of the CCP vaccine in patients with rheumatic diseases. Ironically, the famous Dr. Fauci’s advice to immunosuppressed patients was to “get the CCP vaccine. Some immunity is better than none”! If this is the case, why did the drug company’s study exclude these patients in the first place? I’m afraid it was to make the vaccine look safer and the data less ugly. These patients were excluded from the clinical studies when the drug companies applied for licenses, but when the vaccine was actually used on a large scale, not only were they not excluded, but they were encouraged to use the vaccine. The fact that the news media are unanimously touting the safety of vaccines shows how reckless it is for countries around the world to rush into mass vaccination.

Shingles is a rash and pain that occurs when the virus is latent in the neurons after the body has been infected with the varicella-zoster virus, which mainly occurs at a young age, and (usually years later) when the immune system is weakened and the body’s immune surveillance and suppression of the latent virus are reduced, the shingles virus becomes active again, and rash and pain spread along the nerves.  The risk factors for shingles seen clinically include old age, weight loss and dieting, anxiety and depression, and high work stress, all of which contribute to a lowered immune system and trigger the onset of shingles.

This study revealed that 1.2% of patients developed shingles within just 3-14 days after receiving the vaccine, revealing the danger of the vaccine and demonstrating its side effects on the immune system. These side effects can, like the risk factors for shingles mentioned above, cause a decrease in the body’s immune system, thereby weakening the immune surveillance and suppressing the “varicella virus” latent in the body allowing the virus to become active again and cause the disease.

More notably, natural infection with the CCP virus also leads to an increase in the incidence of shingles.It suggests that the vaccine (whose main active ingredient is the genetic material corresponding to the virus’ echinoderm protein), like the natural virus, has a similar suppressive effect on the immune system. It causes the varicella-zoster virus to escape the surveillance of the human immune system and become active again.

In conjunction with the author’s previous article, “CCP vaccine may induce cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases.”The echinoderm protein component of the CCP virus vaccine may induce cardiovascular diseases as well as neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and tremor palsy caused by prion infection (similar to mad cow disease). The possibility that echinocandins may induce these diseases and the shingles mentioned in this paper point to the same hypothesis.It’sthatechinocandins themselves have damaging effects on the human body or that echinocandins are an important toxic component of the virus. The vaccines currently being administered on a large scale in various countries use echinocandin, a potentially toxic component, as the active ingredient in the vaccine. As time goes by, this issue will become more and more of a concern.

A scholar has also tweeted that echinocandins may induce tumors, malignant disease, reduced cell life span, and premature aging, essential factors in the sequelae of infection with the CCP virus. This scholar has recently suggested that echinocandins can awaken endogenous retroviruses (HERVs) hidden in the human genome, which indicates that CCP viruses are essentially biological weapons against humans. Interestingly, I have been following this scholar’s tweets. I have seen him go from a shy criticism of vaccines and careful use of technical terms to an insinuating attack on vaccines to a direct criticism of the CCP virus vaccines. Even a direct tweet that the virus is a biological weapon that attacks all of humanity.

It is evident that the substance of the CCP virus, which originated from the biological weapons program, is becoming more and more known to the educated. Recently, Mr. Guo Wengui has officially revealed that the Chinese Communist Party has the antidote for the virus in its hands. For this reason, some of the bigwigs at the heart of the Chinese Communist Party do not wear masks in their meetings and are not afraid of being infected by the virus.

When I talked to a Western friend today, he made a point of mentioning that India has hundreds of thousands of new cases a day and close to a million and a half a week. This catastrophic reality confirms what Mr. Guo Wengui warned since 2017, but unfortunately, it still happened. Now that Mr. Guo has officially released the information that the Chinese Communist Party has the antidote.It is believed that all countries, especially Europe, the United States, India, and other countries that are currently most affected by the virus, will soon take action. However, when the truth about the virus comes out in the future, we can see how much anger will be directed at innocent Chinese people worldwide.So we need to step up our efforts to spread the truth about the CCP virus and vaccine to more people, especially those around us, so that we can extend the concept that Chinese people are also victims and informants to more people overseas. (The content of this article represents the views of the author only)

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