HKU Is Key to End Pandemic

Dr. Lawrence Sellin dropped a bombshell today as he finally connected Dr. Fauci, FDA’s Maryna Eichelberger, with Malik “Dr. Frankenstein” Peiris. All the information was provided by Dr. Li-Meng Yan, according to Mr. Lu De.

  • In the post, Dr. Sellin referred to a scientific lecture titled “Serum anti-neuraminidase antibody responses in human influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 virus infections.” Mr. Lu De says that Dr. Yan’s husband is one of the authors of this report.
  • The University of Hong Kong’s (HKU’s) virus isolation and animal testing are among the best in the world. Peiris is the first person to isolate the SARS virus and to discover antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) and cytokine storms in the world, while Dr. Yan is at the top of animal testing.
  • It is very unusual that the University of Hong Kong, the first institution to isolate SARS-CoV-2, did not disclose this to the public. To know the truth about the virus, HKU must be given a thorough investigation.

Republican Sen. Rand Paul also confronted Dr. Fauci on Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures, demanding answers to why he spent American tax dollars to fund gain-of-function research.

  • Senator Rand Paul did not vote to pass the Strategic Competition Act against Communist China at that time because he did not think the penalties were severe enough. Mr. Lu De notes in particular that Sen. Rand Paul would be making big moves in the near future.
  • The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has been aiming to quickly catch up with the United States by controlling the world with low-cost biological weapons.
  • As long as the U.S. is able to get some criminals to turn the state’s evidence(s), they can then successfully convict the CCP.
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