【Frontline CCP Terminators】Bravo, Fellow Warriors united in Melbourne !

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Photo Source: Melbourne Athena Farm Creative Design Team (Elf Blue)

April 25 is a special day in Australia and New Zealand, this unique commemoration day for both countries is known as – ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) Day.  Each year, starting at dawn, a memorial service will be held at the ANZAC War Memorial to commemorate the courage and sacrifice of the ANZAC forces when they landed in Gallipoli in Turkey on April 25, 1915.

On such a special day, fellow fighters of three farms from Australia and New Zealand gathered in Melbourne once again, following last Sunday’s protest in front of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)’s Consulate General in Melbourne.   ANZAC Day is the remembrance of our heros, no protest or demonstration is permitted on that day.  The main theme of this offline event was to peacefully promote the truth about the virus and to send out a loud message to the locals that “the CCP does not represent the Chinese people”. 

In front of the State Library Victoria, our follow fighters held up large banners to share the alarming truth:



Image Source: From GTV Screen shot

The State Library of Victoria is located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD, with a steady stream of people constantly passing by.  The striking banner with red letters on a white background naturally caught public interest.  And, along the side, our fellow fighters were actively distributing pamphlets about the CCP virus to the passing crowd, endeavoring to explain the critical difference between the CCP and the Chinese people.

Although at the beginning of the event, most pedestrians didn’t really stop to pay much attention, the message on the banners still touched the hearts and triggered the minds of the people, it has certainly helped to pave for future protests and demonstrations in waking up the masses.  And as the day progressed, more pedestrians began to stop and observe.  Some even came forward to exchange a few words and thoughts with our fellow fighters. 

There was a small unpleasant drama during our event as another group of uninvited and unfriendly “volunteers” arrived at the scene.  They come fully equipped with foldable tables and tents, and most strikingly, they erected a large “Sickle and Axe ” red flag marked Australian Communist Party (ACP) in front of our fellow fighters upon their immediate arrival.  They set up a food shed, and began to hand out lunch boxes trying to draw away the public attention from our event.   One Asian young man from that group, even abruptly kicked off the cell phone tripod we were using on the pavement to take pictures in order to stir up trouble.  To avoid unwanted conflict, we restrained ourselves and called the police instead to deal with the situation.  However, until the event ended, the police did not show up (Note: Australian police are known as relatively inefficient and often choose just to ignore minor disputes).

Image Source: On-site shooting

Also interestingly, halfway through this anti-CCP open event, our live broadcast started to experience some significant signal interference, causing several disruptions to our live broadcast and backstage hosts, during which all we could hear were the electromagnetic sound of interfering signals.

Even though we did not widely publicize the offline campaign in advance,  it’s clear that when the CCP heard through the grapevine, they swiftly devised their own campaign, prearranged and dispatched their “workforce” to the scene to cause distraction, interference and disruption to our effort in speaking up the truths.  But neither the interference of the ACP nor the CCP affected our fellow fighters’ enthusiasm in this anti-CCP event, and every fellow fighter on that day was in high spirit and showed the fearless courage of the New Federation State of China to all the onlookers.

The spirit of the Australia and New Zealand Legion encompasses courage and comradeship, and sacrifice, which is exactly the strength shown by all our fellow fighters who participated in this Melbourne offline event.  The two offline activities organized by Himalaya Athena Farm have received the full support from the Himalaya New Zealand farm and Himalaya Australia farm follow fighters, from the banners to posters and prints, outfit to the personnel, as well as the logistic and onsite-arrangement, all the participating fellow fighters regardless of which farm they come from, stood firmly together and formed the Australia and New Zealand Legion of the New Federation State of China.

Australia and New Zealand have fought side by side, time and time again, bravely declared war on the CCP and war on evil!  Bravo, fellow warriors united in Melbourne!

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