I dive into its ocean…

Author: Jin Wang Editor: Isabella

I dive into its ocean

And wander inside its forest

This heart carries their rhythm

My Love 

‘Tis its own

I soar across this Earth

And walk beyond its skies

My feet rest upon its solidity 

Its foundation is my home

I savor its symphony 

And bathe in its purity

This mind becomes empty


And I


I listen to its fruitfulness

Harvesting its riches 

This body fills with silence

Its void is my unknown 

It sees through these eyes

All of its creations 

This spirit is in 

But not of this world

My breath it has bestowed

Beneath the anguish of sorrow

Within the resistance to hope

I let go 

Into the sigh of surrender

Where a tenderness washes over

This solemn heart

And patient fertile mind

Whispers of Love

Emerge through its cracks

Crowding the silence

Filling the emptiness

Subtly piercing the dark

The Light 

Glistening through Winter’s quietude 

Leads awareness to its deeper truth

The wind by its breath 

Renders me breathless

The underlying peace within 

And behind this 

And all experience 

Follows me here

It beckons my attention 

To rest in the bliss of stillness 

Through which this exquisite moment 




In time

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