I am Free

Author: Jin Wang Editor: Isabella

This Life

This beautiful Life

Delivers me

To the Light Heart 

Of Love



And Eternal Peace

A child

YOUR child

A tiny 

Infant face

Smiling in truly

Innocent and pure ways 

Silly…he laughs

As if he was freely 

And acutely aware

That he had been 


With the sweetest

Imaginable Life

As if he could 

Already fathom

And anticipate

The fair beauty

Of his path

His boundless gratitude 

And immeasurable


It makes…oh God

It makes him smile



It makes 

His Soul

His Heart

His Lightness 

Happily burst 

In such deeply intimate 

And exhilarating ways

It fully opens 

The entirety 

Of his peace

It fully opens

the entirety 

of Me

To a boyish 

Youthful degree 

Of warm and 

Sweet awakening

That no one else 

In this existence

Of creation 

Could ever truly know

HIS…oh God

The inexpressible grace

Of HIS alone

It gives birth 

And it gifts

Me so 🙏🏻❤️

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