The Chinese Communist Party’s antidote will become the party’s death pit!

Contents of Mr. Guo’s speech:

CCP has an antidote,a cure

This can have a significant impact on the world.

Even for me personally at 48 hours ago,

I never would have thought that the world could have an antidote.

That’s until someone told me:

 “Wengui, let me tell you, it’s not that gloomy”

 “An antidote does exist”

That stunned me right there!

I said: “Are you kidding?”

How’s that possible?

How can there be an antidote to a biochemical virus?

For biochemical virus, as long as the researchers

treat it as a virus up-front,

then, there will bean antidote.

It must be remembered.

Xi no longer has anyone by his side.

Han Zheng no longer can make it.

Li Zhanshuhas stepped aside.

Ding Xuexiang has also stepped aside.

Wan Huninghas also stepped aside.

There are only three people left now.

Strictly speaking, four people.

His younger brother Xi Yuanping.

Then the military’s Xu Qiliang.

Xu Qiliang recently has too been riled with distrust and doubts.

All that’s left areauntie Yang and Wang the eunuch.

So, there are onlyauntie Yang, Wang the eunuch and Xi the goon

along with Xu Qiliang who gives orders indirectly

and Xi’s younger brother Xi Yuanping

How can there be a future for the CCP?

There is talk going around in the meetings.


The most important questionraised is who should be given the antidote.

Han Zheng wants some antidote for his family

That’s a big mistake. What are you trying to do?

It will finally come down to this:

Those who want the antidote must kill those who have it.

That’s why I say the CCP is in disarray now.

There are many fellow fighters in the mainland.

Fellow fighters within the CCP system are rapidly turning to whistleblowing.

 “Miles Guo, this is of great importance.”

 “You’re right.”

Just look at the Central Security Bureau.

And alsoinside the BaYi Building

Who’s wearing a mask and who’s not?

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Translation: 风之伤

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