【Video】”Russia is the Paradise for the Poor” What about China?

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When I came to Russia, I found out that this is a paradise for the poor. If you are unemployed, even if you just lie down at home every day, you still receive a monthly subsidy of 50,000 rubles, which is more than 4,000 Chinese yuan.  Their biggest expense is on  housing —— the larger the house, the more subsidy you get. If you  don’t have enough subsidy to cover your living, then having more children will get you there.  Even if you have been unemployed for all your life, you would still have enough to make a basic living.


There are two types of extremes in the wealth distribution in different countries in this world ——  too much social welfare and too little social welfare. In the former, people’s enthusiasm for work could go down, and the country’s declines in its productivity over time. However the lower class lives in an easy life and they are able to make a living, and their lives are threatened.   

In the latter, the deplorables work day and night in order to make a living, and even white-collar workers cannot escape the life of 996 (twelve-hour daily work from 9am to 9pm and six days a week) and the fate of being replaced at an early age by a younger employees.  For example, in the CCP, no matter how hard you work, most cannot survive or feed the family.  The CCP made it impossible to make a living.

In the CCP ruled China, many live dispensable lives, who don’t even receive as much respect and quality live as a dog in a western country.

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1 year ago

一切已经开始,Take down the CCP !!! 

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