CCP Charges High ‘Anti-Coronavirus’ Deposit From Entrepreneurs to Re-Start Business


Author: VOG-M53

Feb 14

Lian-Yun-Gang’s (a city located south of Shanghai) local government has issued a clarification notice for “trust fund” in the name of anti-coronavirus. The trust fund is put in “trust” if a businessman wishes to resume company business during the novel coronavirus epidemic.

The content is the following: Production resumption Trust funds will be divided between the district financial office and the company.

1. Legal representatives will represent all employees of the company and give one hundred thousand Yuan ($14318.44 USD) to the district financial office. The access funds will be held in trust within the company.

a) When depositing the funds to the district financial office, make sure the full name of the company and the legal representatives are written clearly.

b) We suggest using an e-transfer for the funds. For future tracking purposes.

c) If the e-transfer is made through Alipay or WeChat Pay, please mail the full name of the company and the legal representatives to the district financial office.

d) Those who have already paid the trust, please contact district financial office to ensure names of company and the legal representatives are correct for tax and receipt purposes.

2. Workshop directors will need to put fifty thousand yuan ($7159.22 USD) in trust. Team leaders will need to put in twenty thousand yuan ($2863.69). Workers will need to put in 2 months of your salary.

3. If the company was not affected by the novel coronavirus epidemic, the direct leader will award company legal representatives fifty thousand Yuan ($7159.22 USD).

4. Anyone who is working but did not wear a mask, one thousand yuan ($143.18 USD) will be deducted from individual trust funds and ten thousand yuan ($1431.84 USD) will be deducted from company’s trust funds. The money that is deducted will be used for preventing the epidemic.

It is absurd that the government coerce companies to pay for the epidemic. Moreover, the Chinese government is so corrupted that it will not use the company ‘Trust Fund’ to deal with the coronavirus. This is a typical robbery behavior from the communist regime targeting the entrepreneurs.


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4 months ago

This is absolutely a biochemical war launched by the CCP, people, wake up!

4 months ago

When the world need to face a cruel future, For the last decades of years, Americans and other westerners have enjoyed a lot of cheap products from china, waste food and everything, are they ready?
Wake up, everybody, face and fight against the evil CCP!

4 months ago

I do believe you need a better translation for your website and videos. It will be more effective that way.

4 months ago
Reply to  Eutykia

Thank you for the suggestion, the translators are all volunteers and are not professional translators. When it come to translating from one language to another with a time limit (so the readers (like you) can get first-hand news), grammar is least of your concern. If you can do better, please join our volunteer group, we’d love to see you helping. Thank you.