[Inquisitive Minds] Why Can’t Vaccines Stop the CCP Virus? Ask the CCP for the Cure!

Author: MOS Education Group Xu

“The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) has the antidotes! All Vaccines are fake!”, said Mr. Miles  Guo, who has confirmed that with scientists and intelligence from China. Mr. Guo also told us that we can’t rely on those fake vaccines. But, is there any antidotes and where can we find it? The answer is Yes and the CCP has it, Mr. Guo said in this video.

Screenshot from Mr. Miles Guo’s video on 04/21/2021

Let’s ask a simple question, why can’t vaccines stop the CCP virus? We know that several vaccines were developed rapidly and approved quickly approval by FDA based on Emergency User Authorization. First, it should be noted that no vaccine has ever been introduced in such a short period of time in human history. The CCP virus is a genetically modified bioweapon. When  the truth of the virus is not fully known, how can these vaccines be effective and safe? So far, we have discovered that the fake vaccines can cause serious side effects and even deaths. Furthermore, the CCP has a very high mutation rate, which could significantly reduce the efficacy of current vaccines. India is suffering from the mutated virus and is seeing the highest single-day record with more than 300,000 people infected. To date, more than 3 million people have died and more than 140 million people were infected worldwide and the numbers will continue to rise quickly.

Screenshot from google

During the beginning of the pandemic, when the initial cases were reported from a seafood market near Wuhan P4 biological lab, the CCP deliberately covered up the fact of human-to-human transmission. Even after Wuhan was locked down on Jan 23, 2021, the CCP still allowed international travel, while they banned domestic travel. The world can no longer trust the CCP.

Image of Wuhan P4 Lab for coronavirus research

It’s hard to image that none of the senior leaders of the CCP have been infected, but Britain prime minister Boris Johnson, Brazil president Jair Bolsonaro, United States president Donald Trump, French president Emmanuel Macron were all infected. We can help but wonder if the CCP has an antidote for the coronavirus.

Based on the CCP’s 13579 Bioweapon Plan exposed by Mr. Miles Guo, the analysis of Covid-19 from Dr. Lawrence Sellin and the 3 reports of SARS-CoV-2 from Dr. Li-meng Yan who escaped from the P3 lab in Hong Kong, we have no doubts that the CCP created the virus and deliberately released it to the world. And now, we just learned that the CCP also has the cure for the Covid-19 or the CCP Virus.

We don’t have much time now. The world urgently needs to ask the CCP for the antidote and hold them accountable.  

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Link of Mr. Miles Guo’s video: https://gnews.org/1123548/

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