US and Japan Have Reached Agreements to Continue Their QE

In the April 17, 2021 Getter video, Mr. Miles Guo revealed that the US and Japan had reached agreements on continuing QE in both countries, and that “the world is on the verge of the most significant inflation in the history of humankind, technically called hyperinflation.” The CCP was aware of this agreement and started to purchase large amounts of gold, acquire stocks of gold mines overseas, and impose a widespread ban on gold trading among individuals in mainland China.

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Ah. Brothers and sisters, what events have caught your attention these days? There are a few things you should be aware of, brothers and sisters. Your Brother Miles can say here that the world is on the verge of the most significant inflation in the history of humankind, technically called hyperinflation. The policy adjustment that has taken place in the last two weeks towards the CCP is evident. Our focused goal is destroying the CCP. We cannot save the entire human economy, but the economic turmoil of the world will directly impact the pace of taking down the CCP. Have you noticed what has happened?

What happened at the meeting between the US President Biden and Japan’s Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga in the past few days? Both countries have seriously over-issued money, so we can call both countries as big “money printing” countries. Technically this is called QE (quantitative easing). Strictly speaking, QE is nothing but cheating, and it simply means printing money. Both the US and Japan will usher in a period of colossal inflation and hyperinflation.

When the two (Biden and Yoshihide Suga) met, two things happened. First, the CCP used to believe that it is the crocodile (the boss) of the “small pond” (Asia), so the US is not allowed to touch this place. The CCP believed that this was a sure thing already. As I, your Brother Miles told you before, the CCP believes that it has become the “Asian hegemon”. According to the CCP, the US should not interfere, Europe should not interfere, and Asia is exclusively the CCP’s territory. With regards to the Atlantic sphere of interest, the CCP is also trying to convince the US to allow it to share some of the profits there. However, there are now three crocodiles in the “small pond” of Asia: India, Japan, and the CCP. 

The CCP thought that it was already in charge of Asia, but the meeting between Yoshihide Suga and the US proved that the CCP no longer is. Japan has now emerged as the other boss to balance the power in Asia. India may not be convinced though because India thinks it should also be a boss too. So, this means that the battle among the three countries has already begun.

Secondly, you should notice that the US and Japan have secretly reached agreements under the table to cooperate in economy. That is we can both keep printing money. When the CCP became aware of this, what did they do? The CCP recently started to purchase large amounts of gold and imposed a widespread ban on gold trading among individuals in mainland China. At the same time, many state-owned companies secretly purchased gold and obtained shares of gold mines overseas. Two good friends of mine, who owned controlling stakes in gold mines, recently transferred their stakes to CCP-owned overseas companies at prices several times higher than market price. Do you understand what I mean?

But remember it is useless for you to keep gold at home. Even if the price of gold doubles, you won’t benefit from it. So what is the use, right? Besides, it is very inconvenient to exchange gold back into cash. So, I would not recommend that individuals buy gold because gold is not an investment asset for ordinary people. Only if you have large amounts of idle cash would it make sense to buy gold. Otherwise, don’t do it. It is useless. Gold is a strategic asset for countries to trade, not for ordinary people. But it is useful for our G-Series. We use 20% of our G-Coin money to buy gold, and that will work for our purpose. Right? You need be aware of this important global trend.

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