We Must Not Forget Hong Kong People’s Protest Against Chinese Communist Party’s Tyranny

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Why do people in Hong Kong protest on the streets? They have five demands.

  1. the full withdrawal of a bill that would allow suspects in Hong Kong to be extradited to mainland China
  2. an inquiry into allegations of police brutality
  3. amnesty for the arrested protesters
  4. universal suffrage to allow 100% of the city’s Executive Council which is dominated by Beijing to be voted in by the people of Hong Kong
  5. authorities stop referring to the demonstrations as riots which is probably going to be difficult given that you basically have two armies dressed in battle gear gas masks and armed with weapons.

Hong Kong governments have said over and over again that they won’t accept any of the five demands.

Several people who said that the Chinese Communist Party is using mass migration to subsume Hong Kong’s identity and weaken its unity. Chinese Communist Party agent are allowed to move to Hong Kong and get immediate access to the jobs market housing and healthcare benefits they’re even allowed to vote this destabilization and subversion of Hong Kong is driving a great deal of the resentment.

The Hong Kong protesters are very different from America’s snarling spitting obnoxious and Antifa thugs who attacked the media and refuses to be filmed. The Hong Kong protesters go out of their way to protect the media and prevent journalists from being harmed. Where Antifa and BLM burns the American flag. On the contrary, the Hong Kong protesters fly it proudly.

This is a nation’s youth fighting for the preservation of its future they’re going up against one of the most fearsome military regimes on the planet a nuclear-armed dictatorship that interns millions of members of minority groups in re-education camps. They’re risking incarceration torture and a nightmare future trapped in Chinese Communist Party’s social credit score which is a system reporting dissident who express the wrong political opinions. They are prevented from using media, traveling or even having a bank.

The Chinese Communist Party secretly install camera that scanning their faces in order to put those protestors into black list. This gives you an idea of how intense the Chinese Communist Party’s control over propaganda and information. A local Catholic priest who didn’t want to be named for fear of repercussion said that control of religious education in China is so tight that many people have never even heard of Jesus Christ.

The Christian community in Hong Kong stands firmly behind the protesters. There was a vigil that attended by thousands of participants. This preceded the monumental “human chain” where protesters linked arms for 30 miles around the entire city. They even climbed up mountains the event was an homage to the Baltic way when two million people joined hands around three countries, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania in 1989 to protest against the tyranny of Soviet rule. This reminds us that the Hong Kong protest is fundamentally anti-CCP.

Hong Kong population broadly supports the protesters which is no surprise given that police fired teargas inside shopping malls and densely populated residential areas, leading in some situations to angry residents banding together and forcing the cops to leave who’s responsible for the violence.

Protesters say the demonstrations were peaceful up until riot cops were deployed and tear gas was used against them, Chinese Communist Party has thousands of troops massing in nearby Shenzhen should Hong Kong develop into a Tiananmen Squire situation, brutal bloody crackdown will probably pursue.

Experts say Chinese Communist Party is all about avoiding embarrassment saving face if Hong Kong is still in turmoil on October 1st, the 70th anniversary of the founding of Communist China that will be the biggest embarrassment imaginable for Beijing.

Tiananmen Square massacre was only 30 years ago, and this year is the 100-year anniversary for the Chinese Communist Party. Under Chinese Communist Party, Hong Kong is not the financial center of the world. Under Chinese Communist Party, Hong Kong is their money laundering machine. Let us make sure the 100-year anniversary for the Chinese Communist Party is their last anniversary.

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