[Headline News] Tracking SV Case in The Southern District Court of New York (2)

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The SV case was supposed to be a contract case, but the realities were staggering.

As mentioned in the previous article, Ms. Wallop is the wife of the Senate Intelligence Committee and Mr. Waller was a former intelligence advisor to President Reagan. Mr. Guo Wengui was introduced to SV by Mr. Han Lianzhao and Mr. Bill Gertz, members of The Committee on the Present Danger (CPD), and then signed on with Ms. Wallop and Mr. Waller.

However, it was way out of the expectations. SV neither has a private detective license, nor does it have business qualification. The report that the SV summited did not meet the Eastern Profit’s requirements. Afterwards, Eastern Profit asked to stop the contract with SV immediately and requested the refund. But things fell short of expectations. SV not only did not fulfill the requirements of these two parties to terminate this project and give the money back to EP (Eastern Profit), but it falsely accused EP for two unreasonable claims

First, SV claimed that Mr. Guo did not have enough financial resources.  He lured the SV into signing when it was clear he could not afford to continue paying for expensive investigations and attorney’s fees. 

Second, SV stated that Mr. Guo is an exiled businessman who is on the CCP’s Red Notice and he was also a CCP agent.

But these two claims were clearly made up to obfuscate and malign the case. According to the accounts of those who attended the public trial(the attendants were interviewed later on Mountain Of Spices Farm’s GTV livestream), when asked about the money source to pay for the defendant’s(SV)Lawsuit fees, the SV witnesses unapologetically admitted that their money came from Mr. Wu Zheng, a CCP registered spy. The witnesses frequently mentioned Sasha Gong, Bob Fu, and a group of other names that are familiar to Chinese people overseas. These people are all known as CCP secret agents who have lurked in the U.S. for decades.

This contract case has become a spy war. A good show has just begun.

Source: https://gnews.org/zh-hans/1123909/

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