Countries Like Japan Will Turn Against China One After Another

In the April 21, 2021 Getter video, Mr. Miles Guo confirmed the importance of Japan for the Whistleblower Movement and the latter has helped Japan to facilitate its relationship with the US and to obtain necessary intelligence for making informed decisions. He also disclosed that next there will be more important countries like Japan to go against the CCP.

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Speaking of Japan, brothers and sisters, do you remember what I said about Japan a few years ago? Japan is the most important base for the Whistleblower Movement in Asia, as there are nearly a million Chinese-Japanese living there. It’s a strategic place for the G-series of the Whistleblower Movement, for the entire dissemination of the information of the Whistleblower Movement and for rescuing and helping our fellow fighters who have been persecuted in China.  At that time, I said repeatedly that Japan will definitely be on our side.

It is no exaggeration to say that without our Whistleblower Movement and the New Federal China (NFSC), the US-Japan relationship would not have reached where it is today. You will know this in the future. Before Japan decides to do anything, it has to gather intelligence. Without intelligence Japan will not make a decision. However, between Japan and the United States, the official interactions only accounted for a small percentage. The interactions are mainly in the private sector, and the Japanese are not good at proactively engaging in relationships. That is to say Japan is not good at dealing with the United States. Do you see how poorly former Prime Minister Abe has handled this during his administration? So poorly handled. But the NFSC can assist Japan because we have great resources and irreplaceable intelligence capabilities to help Japan make any decisions.

Also, next you will see other countries as important as Japan openly turning against the CCP one after another. Wait to see how your Brother Miles does! We leave these countries with two choices: follow the CCP into the tomb, or follow the NFSC towards the infinite sunshine and bright future. That’s what we are. Want sunshine? Look for the NFSC. Want to go to the tomb? Go follow the CCP. That’s what we told them.

So last night, I was contacted by a friend from another country, who for sure will become the next Chief of Command of his country, who is also a good buddy of the current Chief. He said clearly, “Miles, since several years ago, we have already believed in you, but we have to get some money back from the CCP and we need to take advantage from it. Although the US bullies us, we can’t do anything, in the end, we must side with the US.”

Just like the two swindlers the courts are sentencing now, we must let the world know who manipulated this report in the Wall Street Journal to say that I’m a spy. You watch this. Elliott Broidy actually gave the swindlers money. But where did Elliott Broidy get this money? If it came from the CCP, then we all know what the legal consequences will be.

So don’t be obsessed with President Trump. The Attorney General that President Trump previously wanted to pick was the one who represented the two swindlers to attack us, who took Eli Broidy’s money, and Eli Broidy is President Trump’s buddy. So don’t be silly, fellow fighters. If you love a wrong person in your life, you will be screwed badly; likewise, if you hate a wrong person, your life will also be ruined greatly. So we cannot love or hate wrong people. Love or hate is an emotional thing not a rational thing or righteous thing. Brothers and sisters, is that clear?

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