When Cyber Attacks Happen in Communist China, CCP’s Police Don’t Punish Hackers, but Victims

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When Cyber Attacks Happen in Communist China, CCP’s Police Don’t Punish Hackers, but Victims

—Solving problems is beyond their power, while they are good at dealing with the people

At around 19:00 on April 8, 2021, a hacking incident occurred in Jinfeng District, Yinchuan City. A technology limited company reported to the police that the company’s server was maliciously attacked, resulting in the inability to use normally. According to the staff of the technology company in Yinchuan, they learned that on the afternoon of that day their corporate website could not be logged in, and then the whole office system was paralyzed and work could not be carried out properly.

Through detection and analysis, the CCP police found out that the company exposed its server to the Internet, without using security equipment for basic security protection, or installing antivirus software in the operating system, resulting in its company server hacked and attacked. Subsequently, Cyber Security Squad of Public Security Bureau of Jinfeng District, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the “Network Security Law”, gave the appropriate punishment to the technology company in Yinchuan, for not implementing the network security level protection system and not fulfilling the network security protection obligations.

When cyber technology companies encountered hacking attacks, they reported to the police, and the police were unable to find out the hacker. Instead, they thought that only when the security measures of technology companies were not in place could hackers take advantage of them. This may seem absurd in logic, but it is common under the rule of the Chinese Communist Party. After all, government officials believe that the losses of private Internet technology companies have nothing to do with the interests of the CCP’s government departments. They are unable to solve the problems raised by the people, but are very good at dealing with the people who raise the problems.

The CCP is good at dealing with the people who raise problems, which is extremely common in Communist China. The essence of the Chinese Communist government’s consciousness of power is the continuation of the ideology of officialdom that has been in place for thousands of years under the feudal system. The CCP government is not really elected by the people on the basis of one vote per person. The source of power of the functional departments is from the leaders, not from the people. Officials are not accountable to the people, but only to their superiors, and feel that officials are greater than the people. This idea of inequality between the officials and the people pervades every functional system of the Chinese government, and naturally, they do not care about the real problems encountered by the people.

Mankind has entered the 21st century, and the world has started to study Mars, but the Chinese Communist Party, which claims to be an advanced civilization system, still keeps up authoritarian ruling ideas, left by the old feudal system. The Chinese Communist government has not provided much impetus for the world to move forward, except for exploiting the people’s GDP more severely over the past 70 years, and has instead made people drift away from the universal values of the world civilization. The CCP’s one-party dictatorship is a shackle that hinders the free development of the Chinese people. It’s time for the people to play their part. Only when the free Chinese people see clearly the essence and truth of the matter, can they burst out unlimited power and potential to provide a boost to the development of human civilization.

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