The CCP Deems Social Media as Its No. 1 Weapon in Fighting Against the West

In the GTV live broadcast on April 19, 2021, Mr. Miles Guo disclosed that as early as the Jiang Zemin era, the CCP started to deem the social media as their number one weapon in its fight against the West; the Confucius Institute was co-founded by the Ministry of National Security, the United Front Work Department, and the PLA’s General Staff Department, and hence is a CCP intelligence institution; the world’s media has been legally controlled by the CCP with money.

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A year ago, I, your Brother Miles, was interviewed live by the War Room on the yacht, and many media also asked me [this same question]. I was the first one to tell the West, a few years back, that the CCP’s National Security Council established the Ministry of Security and it deemed the social media as their number one weapon in its fight against the West, even more important than nuclear weapons, early as the late Jiang Zemin era.

So who knows the name of the first person who initiated the Confucius Institute? It was a director of the Education Commission of the Beijing City Government, named Geng. Director Geng later became very familiar with me, and I asked him/her to help send a few kids to the Beijing Film Academy. They were my friends’ girls, very pretty. Now they are all famous. [We] sent them to the film academy. The director of Education Commission had a lot of power. He hooked me up with a bunch of members of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the Central Committee of the CCP. So the Director of the Education Commission is a very powerful person, and it was him who initiated it [the Confucius Institute]. It was co-founded by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, together with the Ministry of National Security, the United Front Work Department, and the [PLA’s] General Staff Department, the 2nd Bureau. So you tell me what kind of place Confucius Institute really is?

Also, all the technical guidance for Baidu, Alibaba, and WeChat was from the 3rd Bureau of the PLA’s General Staff Department, and all were under the supervision of the Ministry of National Security. Later, TikTok and Zoom got fully controlled by the National Security Council. This is why things like Duowei News are based in Beijing because they are the CCP’s propaganda media and intelligence media aiming for collecting information. So it is a common sense that it [the media] is used by the CCP as a nuclear weapon. Do you still believe that it [the media] will bring you any justice?

It’s even more terrifying in the United States. Look at Zuckerberg and Twitter in the United State. China… it’s already very terrifying when you see the dozens of shareholders behind the scene. Today, let me tell you that four years ago (April 19, 2017), the CCP used political news, advertisement news, or BGY’ed news to influence and attack its enemies. But this year, things have changed fundamentally. What they are really doing is to use its national power to weaponize news. The weaponized news media, including Twitter, Facebook, Google, Zoom, TikTok, all the media in Hong Kong, WeChat, Baidu, are all under its control. So if you want to know how dangerous the CCP is, you just look at the media.

In these short four years, the world’s media has been legally controlled by the CCP with money. In other words, the swampland, the swampland of the world, where Jewish the people dominated  financial and media forces used to control the world and control the United States, have now been joined by another force – the Chinese Communist Party.

What’s really terrifying today is that the US is no longer the only power behind the media. The CCP is using the media to mask its Xinjiang Massacre, the Tibet Massacre, the Hong Kong Massacre, and the Taiwan Terror. These things are all being selectively blocked by the media. And this is terrifying!

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