Screenshots from China go viral: Covid-19 β type (mutant II) emerged

[Disclaimer: GNews is not able to verify the source or integrity of this leaked information. ]

As the Covid-19 epidemic rages on, the emerge of “β type” of the virus was reported on the Internet on Thursday in screenshots of what appeared to be “leaked” information.

Two screenshots widespread on the Internet show that relevant departments of the Communist Party of China have issued internal notifications confirming that β-type pneumonia has appeared in Wuhan, which is mutant II of Wuhan pneumonia. This symptom is not necessarily revealed through fever or elevated body temperature, and it cannot be auto-healed or cured.

In an interview with Reuters two days ago, Zhong Nanshan, China’s renowned respiratory scientist, said that he was helpless against the novel coronavirus. He admitted that “we don’t know why this virus is so infectious.” Even so, the Chinese Communist Party still refuses to collaborate with top American experts in epidemic control and prevention.

Translation of screenshots

Screenshot #1

Translation of the screenshot #1:

I am only sending you partial information. I dare not send out the highly classified information from the meeting or any top secrets.

I am telling you that it is “β type” now. It may not be showing any symptoms of fever or elevated body temperature.

Please be careful.

There is a newly designated section (for Covid-19 parents) at the [erased] branch of the Number 2 Hospital.

All hospitals in the city will take anti-virus measures in collaboration.

Screenshot #2

Beijing Time: 10:48 AM

According to the notifications from the council, there are about 128 suspected cases and 32 confirmed cases in the regional hospitals. There are three confirmed cases in the Medical School.

Now the city of [erased] is under close watch according to the National Disease Prevention and Control Center.

The suspected cases from the Medical School and regional hospital will propagate through transmission at a stair-step growth rate.

It has been confirmed that the novel coronavirus is β type (through mutation), i.e., the mutant II (two) of the Wuhan virus.

There may not be symptoms like fever or elevated body temperature.

No auto-healing. No complete cure. There will be sequelae.

[Disclaimer: GNews is not able to verify the source or integrity of this leaked information. ]

Disclaimer: This article only represents the author’s view. Gnews is not responsible for any legal risks.

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