Brother Rain interprets CCP’s front page News—People’s Daily February 12th, 2020.


1. Xi Jinping made a phone call to Indonesian President Joko

2. Xi Jinping talked with Qatar Emir Tamim over the phone. 

3. Resolutely win a people’s war against the epidemic prevention and control—warm response for General Xi Jinping’s important speech during his investigation in Beijing 

4. If Wuhan prevails, then Hubei prevails; if Hubei prevails, then the entire country prevails! 

Comments」Headline 3 and 4 look so emotional and encouraging! This is the power of CCP’s propaganda machinery: it confounds right and wrong, it distorts the truth and it makes your flesh creep! However, the harsh truth, as highlighted in Miles Guo’s video, is that the Kleptocrats have already made a plan to “ensure the safety of Beijing and Shanghai at the cost of abandoning Hubei” before the outbreak of this CCP-made-virus. 

5. Resolutely win our battle against the epidemic prevention and control; defend the city of Wuhan and Hubei Province

Comments」This headline is even more misleading, it gives you the impression that the CCP is fighting this CCP-made-virus with all its resources; however, the harsh reality is that even this “impression” might be part of the Kleptocrats’ plan to “ensure the safety of Beijing and Shanghai at the cost of abandoning Hubei”, because everything we see from CCP’s state media has been distorted, and there is simply no truth. This reminds me of a story from Miles Guo’s video: during the cultural revolution, even after vice-president Liu Shaoqi’s death in Henan; the People’s Daily was still reporting that “he is receiving foreign delegations in Beijing”, his pictures were even published on the front page. I know it is very ridiculous, but similar things has happen under CCP’s rule, therefore, do  not get fooled by CCP’s propaganda! 

6. On the February 11st, 28 patients from Wuchang Mobile Cabin Hospital got cured. 

Comments」Here is a piece of good news delivered by CCP’s state media. It is hoped that it is not fabricated.  As we all know, even before this CCP-made-crisis, China under CCP’s rule has already fallen into the Tacitus Trap, Thucydides’s Trap and middle-income trap. Given CCP’s inept institutions and the incompetence of bureaucrats in dealing with this CCP-made-crisis, the CCP has completely lost its legitimacy! 

7. Relevant personnel in Wuhan Municipality were questioned by Central Guidance Group

Comments」Pressured by people’s anger, some investigations are being conducted in Hubei: however, according to this article, only several low-level officials have been questioned, this “punishment” can not even been considered as “disciplinary action within the party”.  This shall make people even more angry because so far Kleptocrats who are responsible for the chaos in Hubei are still “intact”, some have not even showed up for the press conference (chairmen of the Red Cross China Hubei Branch Zhao Haishan). The Chinese people have been fooled again by CCP’s fake news! 

Translator and Author:  GM34 Brother Rain 

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