The Three Brave Things That Our Great Brother, Mr. Bannon Has Done

In the GTV live broadcast on April 15, 2021, Mr. Miles Guo said, “Mr. Bannon, our dear brother, in a very real sense, is the first Caucasian in the world who has done all three taboo things.” The three things are: (1) he was the first Caucasian proclaiming that the CCP is not equivalent to the Chinese people and that the CCP must be eliminated; (2) he challenged the Vatican; (3) he was the first Caucasian calling the virus the “CCP virus”, taking about the effectiveness of HCQ, and telling people about the risk of the vaccines.

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Mr. Bannon, our dear brother, in a very real sense, is the first Caucasian in the world who has done all three taboo things. As a result, he is either going to be thrown into eternal fire, into the fire of hell –  called ‘inferno’ by the westerners or ‘hellfire’ by us, or he will ascend to the highest level of the heavens, and then he may indeed become a saint.

First, at the beginning of the Whistleblower Movement, Mr. Bannon was the first Caucasian, since siding with Miles Guo and the Whistleblower Movement, to proclaim to the whole world that the CCP is not equivalent to the Chinese people and that the CCP must be eliminated. This is the greatnesses of Bannon. He is a faithful Catholic, really, he is a diehard Catholic, moreover, his faith is sincere and from his heart. Mr. Bannon grew up in an African-American community in Virginia, graduated from Harvard, went to Hollywood [as an executive producer], worked in Goldman Sachs, served in the army, and entered the White House as a chief executive officer. Using Chinese history as an analogy, Mr. Bannon is a living Fan Li or living Li Si, only more extraordinary; can’t say he is Zhao Gao since Zhao Gao was a eunuch. Mr. Bannon definitely deserves the title of Emperor’s Teacher. Strictly speaking, he is a living Wu Zixu, with long, white hair. At that time, Wu Zixu tried to exhort the king of Wu kingdom, by saying “Your majesty, please do not trust what king of Zhao, that bastard, says.” In the end, he was killed by the king of Wu, and the kingdom of Wu was ultimately subjugated.  Mr. Bannon is a remarkable modern version of Wu Zixu, he is a devout religious man.

What was the second thing he did? Challenging the Vatican, challenging the Vatican! Oh my! That’s really something! Do you remember? Back then, he stood on the rooftop of the Vatican and gave his speech at the top of his lungs. After he gave his speech, he joined me on the line, which later made me really miserable because many friends of mine who seldom were in touch suddenly appeared from all over the world and contacted me. Those people don’t care about politics but they are concerned about God and the Vatican, and they said, “Miles, you shouldn’t cooperate with Bannon anymore. You shouldn’t talk about Vatican anymore.” You know, the pressure was tremendous, and I clearly know the power of religion in the world. Very frightening!

So at the time, I told Bannon, “I would leave the Vatican alone. Mr. Bannon, you can do it yourself.” But this guy has this kind of fearless personality. If he sees something wrong, he will challenge it, and won’t surrender until the end. Too much pressure, but he is doing really well. He ended up with keeping uncovering the truth. You already know the Vatican’s “Wang Qishan”, called Pietro (Parolin), who is the planner and executor of the secret agreement between the Vatican and the CCP. Like Wang Qishan, he is a financial magnate, maneuvering money across the world, one of the masters of the swamp, a crocodile breeder. He is not the pond or the swamp, rather he is a crocodile breeder. A powerful guy, controlling the money, the intelligence, and the country’s foreign affairs and political relations. 

Everyone needs to know this rule, all the popes can be replaced, but Pietro may be irreplaceable, he will always be there. Just like Wang Qishan’s financial institutions, no one else has the competence to manage. [Wang controls places] as far as Wall Street and as near as Beijing. The financial markets in Shanghai, Guangdong, Shenzhen, and Hong Kong can’t be functioning without Wang Qishan, right? The religious community cannot be running without Pietro either. What do you think he is now? He is not just a money launderer. Brother Miles exposed a $2 billion dollars case like a bombshell. This is the second thing.

The third thing is the coronavirus. The first white person to follow our Whistleblower Movement to talk about the virus is Mr. Bannon. It’s him who said it’s the CCP virus, you need to take hydroxychloroquine, and do not get vaccinated. How much pressure he was under! Many think he is crazy, a lunatic, but he withstood it. What has been proven now? Have you seen that video? Watch that woman fall down? The Swedish person, see how many people have fallen down. This is the consequences of encouraging vaccination. Denmark, Denmark, Denmark.

How horrible it is, brothers and sisters! That is the price of ignorance. As we said before: into the grave if you follow the CCP, right? If you want to be cruel to someone, send him to become a communist, if it doesn’t work, as we also said in the past, what else should we ask him to do? Everyone knows what to ask him to do – let him get the vaccine.

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