【Video】Fire from Hell Returns in Xiamen China

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On the evening of April 13, a fire broke out with an explosion in a factory in Tong’an, Xiamen.   In a nearby parking lot, the crowd ran away from it.  Someone in the background yelled: “Retreat everyone!”   Following a big “bang”, a person looking out the window of his apartment and exclaimed, “Fxxx, it exploded!”

Fire from Hell Returns in Xiamen, China

CCTV report on the 14th, on the evening of April 13th, a fire with an explosion broke out in a factory in Tong’an Xiamen.  The report stated that “the open flame has been extinguished and no casualties were found.”  Watching the live video of the huge fire and explosion, and everyone who has a basic understanding of the population density in China, would be able to make their own judgement whether there would be casualties in that kind of incident, and how many casualties there could be. 

Although the possibility of zero casualties can not be eliminated in this Xiamen explosion, and it would be a very fortunate thing if it is zero, but usually the report numbers from the  CCP mouthpiece is far from fact.  It is well known that in the CCP controlled China, the number of deaths or injuries are highly controversial and sensitive information in any accidents.  

We learned the lessons of the Tianjin explosion in 2015. According to official reports, 165 people were killed in the explosion, and 99 firefighters were ordered to “retrograde” into the fire.  According to the State Council investigation team, the explosive was equivalent to 445 tons of TNT.  

All the houses in the core area, including many residential buildings, were destroyed and left with only scenes of blackness.  It would be difficult to correlate the official number casualties with the horroriable ible scene.  The truth was covered up by the CCP.  Human lives are as worthless as ants while the CCP officials are above everything else.  In the CCP China, “harsh government is more fierce than fire!”



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一切已經開始,Take down the CCP !!!


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