The West Begins To Find Out the Communist China’s “Thousand Talents Program”

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  • Translator: Ranting

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We have all heard of the “Thousand Talents Program” of the CCP. This plan is not to introduce “thousand talents” to the entire country, but to drop to a certain city or even a certain development zone. In many places in China, there are professional brokerage companies that are responsible for global talent discovery and recruitment, and can provide one-stop services from material translation, material approval, application for funding, project landing, project conversion, etc. The fees are low and really make the recruited people have no worries at all.

Usually, depending on the leading edge of the project, the local government can provide an interest-free loan of RMB 1-10 million as start-up capital, a free house, and direct cash incentives of RMB 500,000-5 million, a factory or laboratory, help to set up a team, help to find investment funds, and also help to contact end customers and translate experimental results directly into market results.

At that time, the majority of the Spanish scientific community believed that because Communist China lacked “technical capacity”, this was a way to buy knowledge and intelligence with money, and at a time when the Spanish economy was in the doldrums, many scientists saw this as an opportunity, even though they knew they were working with the CCP government. But because the Chinese Communist Party has taken control of the foreign media for the past 10 years, presenting itself as a normal government like the United States and Europe, and having an image of being “aggressive and willing to spend money,” these scientists have let their guard down and are comfortable with the lure of the Communist China.

Is it just about spending money on “intelligence”? No, it’s much more than that.

As Lude said, science is discourse, and to master a scientist is to master the discourse in a certain field. Not only Spanish scientists, but also scientists from other countries, even from Korea and Japan.

At the same time, it hollowed out the scientific community in Europe and the United States, and this will lead to the increasing technological capability and voice of the CCP.

The advanced technology has brought fruitful economic results and has also trained the Chinese team. This is the strategy of the Chinese Communist Party.

Academic circles are small, and a small group of top scientists can influence a large scientific circle. The success of this strategy of the CCP can be illustrated by the impact of Peter Daszak on the viral field.

Moreover, the CCP has no moral bottom line, no human ethics restrictions, and many experiments that cannot be done abroad for ethical reasons, he can do, and even actively encourages to do, which attracts some scientists who also have no bottom line, or are very naïve in their minds. We can see this very clearly in the study of the CCP virus. A few days ago, there was a news report in Spain that a Spanish scientist had created human-monkey hybrid embryos in Kunming. The “Thousand Talents Program”, which has been silent and intensive for the past 10 years, is shocking. Controlling the media, colluding with political circles, seducing the financial, business, scientific and entertainment circles, the CCP’s unrestricted warfare has a clear strategic goal, which is to “overthrow the entire Western world”.

And at this moment, the Spanish media reported such news, indicating that, driven by the Whistleblower Movement, the West has begun to figure out the pattern of the CCP’s hyper-limited warfare. The West does things logically. Combined with Dr. Sellin’s tweet a few days ago, it shows that the West has understood that in order to get rid of this tumor once and for all, we must understand its development. The West has mapped out a clear roadmap.

The CCP relies primarily on money and resources to attract talent. To decouple the economy, cut off its pocketbook, and expose the CCP’s anti-human nature and its ugly purpose of using science to achieve personal totalitarian rule, is an effective way to prevent the CCP from continuing its “scientific evil”.

The West has begun to reflect on its academic ecology, recognizing that academic research cannot be without money, but also cannot be completely commercialized, and is thinking about how to attract talent, incubate it, and create benefits through it, thus changing the pyramid structure of the academic ecology and establishing a benign competitive environment. The “Great Awakening” in the field of science has begun.

Source: ABC

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