New Kind of Army: 20 Million Chinese Part-Time Internet Commentators Are Fighting Against Global Public Opinion Worldwide

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  • Editor: Ranting
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More truth at GtvGnews

According to the Miles Guo’s broadcast on the GTV, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) believes the social media is the first weapon, beyond nuclear weapons. That is why the CCP had invested too much money on the Great Firewall in China to censor all the domestic information and to block access to selected foreign websites and to slow down cross-border internet traffic.

From the Ryan Fedasiuk’s A Different kind of Army: The Militarization of China’s Internet Trolls,  It finds that, in addition to 2 million paid internet commentators, the CCP today draws on a network of more than 20 million part-time volunteers to engage in internet trolling, many of whom are university students and members of the Communist Youth League.

The internet commentators are primarily concerned with shaping China’s domestic information environment, they are growing in number, and the scope of the Party’s public opinion war is broadening to include foreigners.

Today, the CCP relies on an expansive network of more than 20 million “network civilization volunteers” to serve as “an ‘amplifier’ of positive online voices, a ‘collector’ of online public opinion information and a ‘reducer’ of negative voices on the Internet.”

As the CCP has made strides in quashing dissent at home, it has also pivoted toward shaping public opinion in other countries—and seems to be growing more comfortable with using its army of internet trolls as a weapon of foreign influence.

Here is the Guidelines of the online public opinion warfare from CCP

The online public opinion warfare is related to the survival of the state power of the People’s Republic of China. For the prosperity of the motherland, For the revival of the Chinese nation, Every cyber commentator must always be prepared to use his wisdom and hard work to defend the Republic’s cyber defenses.

Basic working methods:

  1. During working hours, you must check the work mailbox at least once an hour, and always pay attention to the latest spirit of the superiors’ instructions.
  2. Internet commentators cooperate in accordance with the instructions of their superiors. According to the works requirements, a working group of cross-regional and cross-professional network commentators will be formed to perform specific tasks. When it is necessary to increase the number of personnel, the superior will appoint personnel from other groups to enrich it.
  3. Basic working methods: daily work is divided into groups according to the website, and a group is responsible for the relevant forum of each important website. The daily work is to maintain the correct guidance of cyber public opinion in accordance with the overall policy. In case of emergencies, they will act in accordance with the instructions of the special working group of the higher-level department, temporarily stop daily work, and devote relevant personnel resources to the public opinion-oriented work of emergencies.
  4.  Cyber commentators should be good at concealing their true identities, also they must have multiple different screen names, and different screen names must publish articles of different styles. When necessary, different group members can create the illusion that netizens are debating, and then a third party can produce strong evidence to guide public opinion to the third party.
  5. When certain online rumors come out, you must search for the initial IP address and the originator of the rumor as soon as possible, and then order the website administrator to delete the original post, and the cyber commentator copies the content and publishes it with a different IP address. Then the moderator or other netizens point out that his IP address was not in the place where the incident occurred. The news is purely a rumor.
  6.  If necessary, create more sensational fake news to attract the attention of netizens, and then quickly clarify that the news is pure rumors.
  7. Some forums are popular and have high credit. At this time, the first thing is to create a kind of confusion by intervening through specious articles and making irrational and on purpose misinterpretation in posts,  also to create misunderstandings and arguments to divert the attention of netizens.
  8. Overseas websites are more difficult to control. When you can’t dominate the forum’s public opinion, you can use a large number of short posts, posts with no substantive content, and irrational posts to refresh the screen, so that the page is full of meaningless confusion and readers lose interest, so as to avoid the circulation of reactionary ideas.
  9. Continue to learn, improve the level of word segmentation, learn to use different writing styles to write, and be good at imitating others’ writing. This is the basic skill of cyber commentators.
  10. Learn the skills of communicating with netizens, mingle with netizens privately, and gain the trust of netizens, especially those whose articles are influential. If possible, strive for moderator positions in some important forums.
  11. Cultivate superb sense of judgment, and be able to quickly find truly influential posts and writers as key work objects.
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