The CCP Has a Gambler’s Mentality as Hitler and Emperor Hirohito

In the April 13, 2021 Getter video, Mr. Miles Guo said that the CCP was hanging in there and riding out the hardship with a gambler’s mentality, similar to Hideki Tojo and Isoroku Yamamoto during World War II. Meanwhile, the ignorance of the ordinary Chinese people has created an excellent environment for the most inflated nationalist sentiment. However, ordinary people are the ultimate victims as always. Now more than 90 percent of the CCP members as well as entrepreneurs in China are hoping for the collapse of the party.

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The CCP has two policies now: hang in there and ride out the hardship. Just like Empress Dowager Cixi back then, hold out and fool the Laobaixing (ordinary people) and treated them as cannon fodder, and had a gambler’s mentality. Both Hideki Tojo (Prime Minister of Japan) and Isoroku Yamamoto (Marshal Admiral of the Imperial Japanese Navy) during World War II had a gambler’s mentality. They thought that after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States would try to compromise with them: I will not attack you if you do not strike me. The Japanese wanted to take the chance. When Hitler tore up the Treaty of Versailles and crossed the Rhine River, he increased his army of 100,000 men to 500,000 men from 1935 to 1936. Hitler also had a gambler’s mentality.

The sad thing is that history is repeating itself. If the French army stood up to Hitler when they met at the Rhine River, Hitler would have been finished and there would have been no World War II, and then Hitler would not have killed 20 million people. When the Japanese Emperor returned from Britain, he announced for the first time to the Japanese that he would plunder energy resources in the world and then militarize Japan. If anyone stood up and said something at that time, Emperor Hirohito would not have madly sent Japan to hell. 

The CCP is the same now. It is becoming more and more arrogant and crazy. Within the CCP, there are political battles and pressures. The CCP leaders are even crazier, more brutal, vulgar, and ignorant than Hideki Tojo and Isoroku Yamamoto. They are tempted by these “eunuchs” to bite off more than they can chew, and they are getting way “too big for their boots”. Just like Sara (VOG), the nine-fingered demoness, she thought she could represent God. There is hidden trouble, a corrupt bureaucracy and the “rough and tumble” of internal politics, coupled with external problems and pressures that the CCP has created.

More importantly, the most profound lesson from World War II that Hitler and Emperor Hirohito left us with, was that the ordinary people were the victims in the end. The people’s ignorance gave the dictators, warlords, and imperialists an excellent environment to create the most inflated nationalist sentiment. Then they made up a series of false reasons to turn a nation into their cannon fodder. All because a few people thought that they were God or wanted to become God. Emperor Hirohito said he was a god. Hitler also thought he was a god. And “The Great God Xi” also says that he is a god now.

The ignorance and blindness of the ordinary people as well as the ignorance of leaders with puffed-up egos who think they are gods will eventually send a nation to hell. China is the same now. Today 80 to 90 percent of ordinary people in China are ignorant and full of inflated nationalistic sentiments. Their perception of the world is like a piece of white paper and idiotic. When Japan and the US fought at Pearl Harbor, the national power of the US was 30 times that of Japan. Now the national power of the US is more than 300 times that of China. Forget about the tens of trillion dollars of GDP. That’s nonsense. Yet, this is our tragedy.

What is even more tragic are the 90 million CCP members in China. What do 90% and 99% of them hope for? Do you know, fellow fighters? They all hope the CCP will start a war with Taiwan. Then the United States will attack the Zhongnan Pit and kill the CCP leaders there. If the CCP leaders are killed, those CCP members’ embezzled money will become legal. Nobody will investigate their money nor their illegitimate children anymore. That’s what they think. This is why so many people in China from within the CCP system have contacted me recently. They talk about their love of the country and regard the nation as the most important thing, but what they want the most is to take down the CCP. All think like this. Entrepreneurs tell me: “Well, it’s not easy for us. We have to earn enough just to survive. But Miles, if you can get this done (taking down the CCP), of course, nothing would be better.” Great, isn’t it? I can feel this sentiment.

Now the United States is waking up. When the US wakes up, this country can see the reality and take action. What do you see these days? The coronavirus and the CCP threaten the world constantly. The US is unmasking American traitors, and Europe is also unmasking European traitors. Did everybody pay attention to the UK? A former prime minister has been investigated again. Who is it? The one who implemented Brexit, right? I said three or four years ago that he would be investigated. This has set a precedent.

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