[Opinion] We are at an Unrestricted War with CCP China

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In an Op-Ed for the leftist, Los Angeles Times on April 18, 2021, Andrew Bacevich wrote, “We don’t need a Cold War with China”.   The Op-Ed outlines the geopolitical and ideological conflicts that fostered the Cold War with the Soviet Union since 1947, and laments the rise of the United States’ vast and overreaching military-industrial complex, as well as the wasted dollars and lives caused by this overreach.  The article also points out that the Soviet Union during the Cold War and today’s CCP China are not the same because of the co-dependent economic relationship of the United States and CCP China today, and warns that the prospect of another Cold War is a mistake that we will feel for decades to come.

It is true that the Cold War with the Soviet Union was probably regrettable (but likely unavoidable), and that the situation today between the U.S. and CCP China is different.  And, while there have been examples of U.S. military overreach around the world since the beginning of the Cold War, and we have the benefit of hindsight over review of the conflicts in places such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Vietnam, Korea, Cuba, and elsewhere, this does not mean that the US military should take the threat of the current situation with the Chinese Communist Party (“CCP”) lightly. 

I would offer that it is far too late for us to consider the situation with the CCP merely a “cold war”, as the CCP has been engaged in a long term economic, ideological, political power struggle (or “war”) with the United States for at least twenty years.  The United States opened up CCP China and invited CCP China to join the WTO hoping that CCP China would become “more free” and become a vital part of the world as its people prospered.  That hope was shattered as the CCP continued its tight grip on absolute power and furthered its tacit goal of surpassing and even defeating the U.S. without military conflict. 

The Cold War with the Soviet Union was centered on military escalation with the looming nuclear threat as a deterrent to actual war.  The instant situation with CCP China centers on economic, political, and ideological warfare, with a military backdrop. 

It has been widely reported that the CCP has infiltrated the United States, its government, education, business, and media, with spies, operatives, and money so as to shape policy and thinking inside the U.S.  Additionally, the Chinese economic market is a strong incentive for U.S. companies to be influenced by CCP directives.  The extensive intellectual property theft of technology and media by the CCP has transferred trillions of dollars of value without compensation. 

The article mentions products made in China as a valuable contribution to the relationship between two nations. However, it fails to point out that, due to the authoritarian of the CCP, the Chinese workers have no rights or labor laws, the environmental controls on CCP sanctioned businesses are virtually non-existent, and the CCP manipulates its currency and dumps products below their cost into the U.S.  All of these tactics create an environment for the United States workers to lose as it becomes greatly cheaper to manufacture in China where the workers have no rights and the environment is polluted. The cost of complying with complicated labor and environmental laws in the U.S. can be reduced simply by importing the products from China, where Chinese people suffer from oppressive work conditions, low pay, and polluted air and water, while Americans lose their manufacturing jobs.

The CCP’s military buildup in the South China Sea and control of Hong Kong show its strong ambition to expand its power and influence.  The speech of the CCP targeting Taiwan is in the air, while the One Belt, One Road initiative has placed the CCP China as a leading force all over the world.

The CCP also is notorious for monstrous human rights violations, such as Uighur genocide, organ harvesting, slave labor, and many others too numerous to highlight here.  The U.S. should not pretend that these things are not real or that the CCP would voluntarily change their totalitarian ways.

The world has just been decimated by the Covid-19 Pandemic, originated in CCP China.  The testimony of whistleblowers and the behavior of the CCP suggest that the virus came from the Wuhan P4 lab and is an man-made bioweapon. Although the CCP’s grip on propaganda and its influence on media and scientific community in the world have prevented conclusive consensus on the CCP’s responsibility, many evidences show that the virus is a bioweapon made by CCP and the CCP is trying to cover up the fact that the virus was maliciously unleashed to the world.

Finally, the Op Ed contemplates avoiding a pending cold war with China, but in reality, the CCP is already in an unrestricted war with the world and the United States.  They have infiltrated politics, business, media, and the education system and are working to convince more people in America that Communism is Cool.  We clearly do not want a full-scale world war with CCP China and the military conflict is a lose-lose scenario, but the CCP is well on the way to conquering the world before our government, businesses, media, and schools know they are at war with us.  I hope the United States can save our republic, the Chinese people and the world from the evil CCP.



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