Jiang’s Family Linked to Coronavirus Manufacture

Dr. Lawrence Sellin tweeted a part of an entity-relationship diagram explaining how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) virus manufacturing connects to  Jiang Zemin’s family.

  • Among the leaders of the CCP, Jiang Zemin is the one who knows the most about the United States and American politics.
  • The Jiang’s family controls China’s biotechnology industry, which has given them the power of scientific discourse in China. In this respect, Jiang’s political footwork is much more high-class and advanced than Xi Jinping’s.
  • In the case of the CCP virus manufacture, Jiang was the one who set up the project, while Xi was the one who ordered its release.

Boris Johnson will use the Queen’s Speech on May 11 to announce a new bill to prosecute and deport the foreign spies operating in the U.K., which protects the nation from hostile states like Communist China and Russia. 

  • The U.K. will follow the U.S. lead and Chinese spies in the U.K. do a good job of getting registered or waiting for jail time.

Huawei, a Chinese military-backed company, was able to monitor all calls made on the Netherland’s largest mobile phone networks-KPN, including included calls made by the then prime minister, Jan Peter Balkenende, and Chinese dissidents, according to a confidential report seen by the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant.

  • Huawei has breached its contract and violated the laws of another country, and the Netherlands will certainly not let this go easily. 
  • More countries using Huawei equipment are likely to come forward soon to name its crimes.
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